HGST ships FlashMAX III PCIe solid-state drives

HGST ships FlashMAX III PCIe solid-state drives

HGST, a subsidiary of Western Digital, has released what seems to be the fastest SSD out there – the PCIe-based solid-state drives called FlashMAX III. The new company products target business users who transfer large amounts of data on a daily basis and come with support for the PCIe 2.0 x8 interface. The drives are now available in three versions – Standard, Performance and Capacity.

The SSDs that belong to the Standard category offer two capacities of 550 GB and 1100 GB and reach 1.6 GB/sec of read speed and 550 MB/sec of write speed. The IOPS numbers are 630 000 and 175 000, respectively.

The Performance SSDs arrive with capacities of 1100 and 2200 GB and reach 2.7 GB/sec of read speed and 1 GB/sec of write speed. The IOPS numbers are 1 130 000 and 340 000 of read and write speed. As to the Capacity line, it offers the phenomenal capacity of 4800 GB. The only drive that belongs to this line reaches 2.6 GB/sec of read speed and 900 MB/sec of write speed; IOPS values are 750 000 and 230 000 respectively.

The prices of the new SSDs are unknown as of now, but they are likely to be expensive.

Source: HGST

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