QPAD debuts 8K optical mouse

QPAD debuts 8K optical mouse

The Swedish maker of gaming hardware and peripherals QPAD has finished its line of 8K mice with the addition of the new QPAD 8K Optical. As the name of the device suggests we are dealing here with an 8K optical mouse but there’s more to it – it also comes with tons of features.

The new QPAD 8K Optical is an advanced, power-packed mouse that comes with RGB LED lights with 16.8 million colors, an ergonomic five-finger grip and various other features that increase the mouse sensitivity and accuracy. The new mouse differs little from the already announced QPAD 8K Laser mouse and offers a gaming-grade optical sensor with up to 5000 true CPI, an advanced 32-bit ARM processor for better tracking performance, pre-mounted QPAD Glidz mouse feet, and seven programmable buttons for profiles, shortcuts, sensitivity, keys and macro recording.

The new optical mouse will make gamers say “Wow” by offering an advanced optical sensor that allows gamers to move it up to 3.3 meters per second without losing tracking abilities. The sensor has a shutter speed of 6500 frames per second and covers an area of 900 pixels per frame. This amounts to an image processing power of 5.8 MB per second. In addition the QPAD 8K Optical has zero-mouse acceleration, a comfortable five-finger grip, 128 KB of on-board memory for personal profile settings and high-quality Omron buttons that can withstand up to 20 million clicks. Finally users get feature-packed software that includes a macro editor, different color modes, advanced sensor tweaking options and more.

Unfortunately there’s no word on pricing as of now.

Source: QPAD

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