Rapoo V900 gaming mouse now available

Rapoo V900 gaming mouse now available

PC gaming almost always requires powerful computer hardware and high quality peripherals such as mice and keyboards. While having fast hardware is always nice, the downside is cost as such hardware is just about universally expensive. The Rapoo VPRO V900 gaming mouse is now here to prove the opposite and show you that you can have a high-end gaming mouse that is not necessarily expensive.

The new Rapoo gaming mouse packs impressive features and technologies under the hood – the mouse is based on an adjustable 8200 dpi VPRO Gaming Laser Sensor that is connected to a V-Power3 Gaming Chip with a 32-bit ARM core processor. Along with a 10.8 MP sensor and 1000 Hz USB polling rate, the VPRO laser sensor offers the best possible precision and transfers the fastest mouse movements at up to 30G acceleration and speeds of up to 150 ips (3.8 meters/sec) without any loss or delay. The so-called Pick-Up Flight Control Unit, which is built into the laser sensor, allows you to control the lift-off distance and configure it from 1 to 5 mm.

The new V900 gaming mouse also offers seven buttons and five of them are fully customizable. The mouse comes with an ergonomic design that is optimized for right-handers. The integrated DPI Fast-Switch button allows gamers to quickly switch between DPI presets, configured in the driver. The last seventh button is located on the base and helps the user toggle between sub-profiles. The V900 also offers a smart LED multi-color light system with 16 million colors and a number of different light effects to choose from. For instance, in APM Impulse Mode, the light effect adjusts automatically to the gamer’s actions, delivering a really stylish dynamic effect on any desktop. And when it comes to the buttons themselves, the mouse’s Omron switches deliver a consistent and very positive click action.

The new Rapoo VPRO V900 has been improved even more specifically for the European and American market. The mouse now includes Soft Grip material, which covers the mouse and offers secure grip in all circumstances. The rubberized side grips feature improved functionality and offer total game control.

The rest of the features include the so-called Macro Manager, which helps when creating macros. The additional loop function lets users loop macros immediately and for an infinite number of times. All settings can be stored in any of the five provided game profiles and each one of them has three sub-profiles, linked to games and applications. The last profile used, including the three sub-profiles, is stored in the mouse’s onboard memory. When a game is started, these illumination settings, button configs, and DPI settings, etc. are all loaded automatically. What’s more, the small status LED located centrally on the top of the mouse indicates the current game profile.

The Rapoo VPRO V900 gaming mouse is now available for EUR 59 MSRP.

Source: Rapoo

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