BenQ Debuts New E Series LCD monitors with E2220HD and E2420HD

BenQ e2220hdBenQ’s formal debut today of their new LCD monitor E Series not only offers the world yet another unique BenQ digital lifestyle innovation, but also reaffirms the company’s passion for delivering products that exceed imagination, seamlessly enhance daily living, and are mainstream affordable. The introductory models – the E2220HD and E2420HD – embody today’s Full HD era, both in specifications and styling, with class-leading connectivity, fusion aesthetics, and proprietary advantages consumers won’t find anywhere else.

Connect Your Life to the Ultimate Display Hub

The changing landscape of the digital world has shifted from PC-centric to display-centric, with BenQ’s E Series among the most progressive examples of how displays have evolved to become a central hub in daily work and play. With a class-leading 11 connectors, the E Series enables consumers to enjoy hassle-free, seamless viewing without the interruption of unplugging and re-plugging cables. In fact, with two HDMI ports, four USB ports, D-Sub, DVI, and three audio connectors, users can keep an array of digital devices permanently plugged in simultaneously. Switch between viewing TV, gaming console, Blu-ray, webcam, PC, and iPod content without the need for actually switching cables. Likewise, keep headphones, additional surround sound speakers (to complement the integrated 1.5W x 2 speakers), and an MP3 player ready to go by having them all connected at the same time.

BenQ E2420HD

Easily blending with and enhancing today’s Full HD world, the E Series expectedly delivers uncompromised picture quality for 1080p enjoyment, whether in the family room, home office, or bedroom. It incorporates numerous advancements and advantages carefully cultivated by BenQ, the pioneer of the 16:9 aspect ratio. Foremost, BenQ’s next-generation Senseye 3™ Technology optimizes contrast, clarity, color, and motion at the touch of a button for all multimedia and office display scenarios: Standard (office and Internet), Movie (DVD and TV), Game, Photo, sRGB (for 100% color consistency across all sRGB devices), and Eco (for power-savings) modes. Senseye 3 dramatically boosts image quality by expanding the color gamut beyond RGB (red, green, blue) to incorporate CYM (cyan, yellow, magenta). With a foundation of six colors instead of the conventional three, Senseye infuses images with breathtaking color vitality and depth. A 50,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 300-nit brightness, and blur-free response times (2ms GTG for E2420HD; 5ms for E2220HD) additionally underlie solid display performance.

BenQ E2420HD

Ancient Aesthetics Modernized

BenQ designers graced the E Series with an intriguing blend of classical Eastern inspiration and contemporary minimalism so as to impart a highly adaptable aestheticism. The chin of the E Series borrows from the iconic Chinese scroll, a symbol of time-honored brush paintings, grace, and serenity. The “scroll” makes the display on the screen appear as artwork, while simultaneously concealing the monitor’s speakers. The On/Off button is cleverly placed on the lateral end of the scroll so as not to disrupt the clean lines of the overall design. Even the stand of the E Series borrows from ancient Asian symbols of beauty – this time, mimicking the elegant neck of the Geisha. The Series’ minimalist design is reflected in the high-gloss, mirrored bezel and the striking leather-textured back. The overall shape beckons to mind high-end contemporary furniture, which the BenQ Design Center aimed the E Series to be …a work of art and an accent furnishing to any room.

BenQ E2220HD

All E Series monitors are Microsoft® Windows 7® certified, making them fully compatible with Windows 7 color systems. Simply connect the E Series to a Windows 7-equipped computer, and the system will instantly recognize the monitor, making setup and connection effortless. Users can even manage the E Series’ versatile connectivity using the Windows 7 Device Stage.

BenQ E2220HD

The E2220HD and E2420HD will be available worldwide from the beginning of August.

Source: BenQ

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