Intel works on three more Silvermont processors

Sources close to Intel have revealed that the US chip company will soon unveil three more budget processors on the Silvermont core. These will be Celeron J1750, J1850 and Pentium J2850.

The Celeron J1750 will be the slowest – it will have two cores at 2.4 GHz and a GPU that runs at 688 MHz for the core and 750 MHz for the memory. The chip will have a very low TDP of 10 watts.

The Celeron J1850 will sport four cores at 2 GHz and will have an integrated GPU at 688 MHz for the core and 792 MHz for the memory. This chip will also have TDP of 10 watts.

The Pentium J2850 will be the most powerful chip of the three – it will have four cores at 2.4 GHz and an integrated GPU at 688 MHz for the core and 792 MHz for the memory. This is also the only chip that can work with DDR3-1333 memory. The TDP of the Pentium sits at 10 watts.

The Celeron J1750 will cost USD 72 while the Celeron J1850 and Pentium J2850 will sell for USD 82 and USD 94 respectively.

Source: CPU World

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