Thermaltake unveils new Toughpower and Toughpower Grand PSU models

Thermaltake unveils new Toughpower and Toughpower Grand PSU models

The popular maker of cooling solutions, PC chassis and power supply units (PSU) Thermaltake has launched a number of new 80 Plus Gold certified high wattage PSUs that belong to the company’s Toughpower and Toughpower Grand series. The models offer 1000W/1200W/1500W (Toughpower) and 1050W/1200W (Toughpower Grand) of power and use the highest quality components for stable performance, excellent features and great efficiency. The PSUs come with fully modular designs and are perfect solutions for high-end gaming and hardware enthusiast PCs with multi-core processors and multi-GPU setups.

The new Toughpower PSUs offer an ultra quiet fan, 80 Plus Gold certification, support for Intel Haswell processors, a flat modular design, high quality Japanese capacitors and massive and dedicated +12V output. The Toughpower Grand power supply units come with pure aesthetic outer chassis, 80 Plus Gold certifications, support for Intel Haswell processors, a fully modular cable design, 100 per cent high quality Japanese capacitors, flat modular cables and massive and dedicated +12V output.

The new power supply units are already on the market and can also be found online.

Source: Thermaltake

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