New details on Samsung Galaxy S6

New details on Samsung Galaxy S6

As it has happened many times before the closer a launch date gets the more preliminary information on the product in question we get. Undoubtedly the hottest new product of March 2015 will be the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 flagship smartphone so we should not be surprised if we see more and more information on the device ahead of the launch date. In fact we will present the latest gossip now.

According to various analysts on the Internet who draw conclusions based on what they see from Samsung in the form of ads, designed to increase the hype, the Galaxy S6 will be the first smartphone in the line that will come with a metallic chassis. Other sources claim that the smartphone will come with a 16 MP rear camera based on the Sony IMX240 sensor and the ability to take high quality pictures in low light conditions. The same sensor is used in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The Galaxy S6 is also likely to come with built-in front speakers.

The smartphone is scheduled to appear on March 1 during Mobile World Congress 2015 and as of now it appears that it will steal the show when it gets officially launched.


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