Remember the mall scene in 1980 movie, The Blues Brothers movie? You know, the one that Jake and Elwood utterly destroyed when being chased by a flock of Chicago police officers? Have you ever wondered where that mall is and what happened to... Read more

You don’t hear it much anymore but a few decades ago a common metaphor for a product that “never went anywhere” was the Edsel. “That thing is a real Edsel,” you would hear. Interesting, but why didn’t it catch on? Here’s the Ford Edsel story... Read more

Extended warranties are add-ons to factory warranties. They typically kick in at the end of a factory warranty and “extend” the time that a vehicle is covered. The question for many people is: should I buy one? Car dealers will often suggest... Read more

The design of Otto-cycle engines tends to favor even-cylinder counts, you know 4, 6 and 8-cylinder engines. This is due to the fact that even-numbered engines tend to naturally balance themselves, making things much easier for engine design... Read more

At some point in your life you probably will have to make the big decision: Cloth or leather. On some lower-priced vehicles you might be stuck with cloth since leather may not be an option. But for the majority of today’s vehicles, you get to... Read more

10 Steps To Sell Your Old Car

Are you getting a new set of wheels and you have an old car you need to get rid of? If so, here’s a simple ten step guide we have designed to assist you through the entire process.
Step 1: Know the General Market
The kind of car... Read more

Get Used to Low Gas Prices

Were you a car owner when gasoline price hit $4 per gallon a decade ago? If so, you probably remember the mass hysteria that hit. People were saying things like “the good times are over” and “gas prices are going to hit $10 per gallon... Read more

How to Avoid Getting Traffic Tickets

Today, the average ticket costs $156, although the amount of specific tickets can vary substantially depending on the nature of the offense and state laws. Actual police say they really don’t want to give you a ticket, but it is their job... Read more

The Top Five Comedy Cars

Some of the best cinematic humor comes from roles not played by humans but by cars. Some say the blame goes all the way back to the comic duo of Laurel and Hardy and their destruction of untold numbers of Model T Fords. Fast forward to present... Read more