2021 Guide to Sports Betting in Online Casinos

There’s no doubt that online sports betting is becoming more popular in 2021. You no longer have to line up with many other people at your local brick and mortar bookmaker, where it’s bound to be crowded and noisy. Now, most good online casinos offer sports betting. This is by far the preferred option and one you may wish to consider.

The variety of sports and events available in online sportsbooks is impressive. Sports betting in online casinos is completely legal in Norway, the only restriction being that you can’t transfer money directly to and from a foreign-registered casino. We can recommend Alexandra Nereng as an expert in online casinos. She can help you find a nye casinoer that will best suit your needs.

Know Your Sport

The most important thing in sports betting is to know the sport. You’re unlikely to win a bet on American football if you don’t know anything about that game or the players and teams involved. Once you’ve decided on the sports you’re most interested in betting on, you’ll find many sites available to help with research on determining the best odds. They’ll also provide news that may impact the outcome of a game. 

For instance, the withdrawal of a star striker is likely to affect that team’s chances of winning their next soccer match. The simplest way to approach your choice of sport for online betting is to choose one where your players or team can only win, lose, or draw. 

For this reason, sports like soccer, tennis, and boxing are ideal choices to start with. Once you’re entirely comfortable with this for a few sports, you could begin to look at spread betting. This is a specific type of betting where, for example, you wager that team A will win against team B by three goals to one. 

Other sports to consider are those where many players are pitted against each other. Golf is an excellent example of this.  It’s a good idea to take it slowly—you’ve plenty of time.

Select a Bookie

Although you may already be betting in online casinos for other games, it’s worth keeping an open mind and looking around. Not all online casinos are equally suitable for all types of games. One may excel at slots, offering the widest selection, whereas another may be best for poker. 

The same applies to online sports betting, which requires far more involvement on the part of the casino. It has to calculate and monitor the odds on every event it includes in its sportsbook. 

When it’s close to the scheduled time of a particular event you’d like to bet on, you may find another casino that offers you much better odds. Another incentive is that you can take advantage of the new casino’s welcome bonus.

A welcome development is that some casinos even offer free live streaming of the event you’ve placed a bet on, so you can watch wherever you are.

Set Your Budget

Suppose you’re concerned about staying within your gambling budget, especially if you’re betting on several casino sites; you can set deposit and spending limits for yourself on each site. Even if you’re not worried about how much you’re spending on your gambling, this will be a great help in monitoring your wins and losses at different games.

Pick Your Event and Make a Bet

There’s no shortage of events on which to bet. More and more, we also see events such as the outcome of political elections and celebrity competitions included in sportsbooks. If you don’t see the event you’re interested in betting on, many online bookmakers provide the means for you to go ahead and craft your bet. 

Then, all you need to do is ask the bookmaker to calculate odds for you using the “Create Bet” feature available in many sports betting casinos these days. This goes by different names depending on the casino, but most of them will offer something similar. You may even start a new trend with the bet you craft.


Now, you’ve read  what online sports betting can offer in 2021. Go ahead, choose your sport, find an online casino with it in its sportsbook, place your bet, and sit back and enjoy the game. Good luck!