7 Top Tech Trends of 2020

Technology has only one direction to move and that is forward. It is happening since the start of the industrial revolution. The difference in the digital revolution is that change has now become faster and more disruptive as compared to the industrial revolution.

Tech jobs will continue to increase in 2020 as well. Here are 7 top trends of 2020 that you need to have to look at if you are planning your future in the tech industry.

  1. Quantum Computing:

Even in its early days, but the experts have incredible excitement about quantum computing. Tech experts believe that quantum computing can lead to breakthroughs in medicine, science, finances, and even solve complex mathematical problems that are not within the processing power of computers today.

Quantum computing does something different as compared to binary code and instruction based on the physical state of that, which is the current practice of all digital devices. The code in quantum computing can exist in different states at the same time.

An app and website building platform that is set to make a big impression this year. Several global brands that include PayPal, Impossible, and Nike have endorsed the platform.

You can build static websites quickly through this platform. It is not only easy to develop with pre-built pages on the global cloud servers but instantly adaptable and scalable to future updates and technology.   If you are a student taking a challenging course in computer science, a researcher working to solve a challenging problem in computation, or a software developer looking for help on a project visit computer science homework help.

  1. AWS Big Date:

The most valuable resource in the world, as of now, is big data. The wealthiest companies in the world are Apple, Facebook, Alphabet (Google’s parent company), Microsoft, and Amazon. All of these companies trade in big data and earn a net profit of around 25 billion dollars per quarter every year.

AWS analytic tool is helpful for businesses to identify important data that is valuable for their growth. As all the companies cannot invest in their own setup to process big data so AWS tool is the way to go for those businesses.  

  1. React Hooks:

It is a JavaScript library that allows you to create interactive user interfaces. Hooks are easy to work and test. They make the code cleaner and easily readable. You can integrate react features and solve a wide variety of problems that are interconnected.

  1. Apache Airflow:

A workflow management tool that was first developed and used by Airbnb. It was of great help to manage the complex workload, monitoring performance, and identifying improvement areas. Keeping in view its success, Airbnb decided to develop it as open-source software for commercial use.

With its launch in the current year, it has quickly gained attention. Adobe, BigFish, and Onetootball are few famous names of its users.

  1. The ESP32:

With IoT (Internet of Things) becoming bigger and rising in demand, better technology is needed. ESP32 module has a role to play to solve this problem of better technology.

  1. Faster Way to Better Apps:

SwiftUI is an innovative platform that enables you to build new user interfaces in an Apple device. It is based around declarative coding syntax and has an easy-to-use design. Coding becomes easy to read and more straightforward through this platform.