Best POS for Your Restaurant

Best POS for Your Restaurant

Several things must be considered when picking a point-of-sale system for a restaurant. The first thing to consider is durability because efficiency and productivity won’t slow down if a durable point-of sale-system is accidentally dropped during daily routines. The basic functions and system layouts are also important as these elements impact speed and consistency. If you need help selecting the best POS software that’s specifically built for a restaurant, there are several options for a tablet that may suit your needs.

Touch Bistro

Touch Bistro gives users access to a helpful VIP network, which is a very supportive community. The software also has practical staff management options and inventory tools. Large and small restaurant businesses can run Touch Bistro without any problems because it’s equipped with convenient floor layout solutions and the ability to split bills.

Toast POS

Toast POS runs on all of the latest mobile devices. The standout features include analytic reporting, layout management solutions, inventory tracking, and sales and billing tools. You can continue to run Toast POS as your business grows since the menu can be customized. Toast POS is another program that supports small and large businesses, and a manager can access everything in locations that lack Wi-Fi using the offline mode.


If you’re going to train new employees, you’ll benefit from running Lavu. This software is helpful because it includes essential tools that simplify the process of running a growing restaurant business. It has inventory management tools, onboarding solutions, a centralized menu, and an open API. Financial teams enjoy using Lavu since they get to take advantage of its payment integration system, which doesn’t require contacts. The developers who created Lavu provide support around the clock, so users never have problems learning how to use the software.

Square POS

Square POS is one of the best systems for quick-service restaurants. As sales roll in, all of the data can be reviewed using the software’s strong analytic tools. If there are changes along the way, the process of making strategic adjustments is never challenging while operating Square POS as it has convenient layout management solutions and custom menus.

Lightspeed Restaurant

Lightspeed Restaurant is a very flexible restaurant POS tool that has great integration options for iPad users. The third-party support is very beneficial because it lets users create custom options for their customers. For example, if a compatible third-party POS program is run with Lightspeed, you could gain access to

  • Tailored customer solutions
  • Employee scheduling solutions
  • Loyalty programs

The standard features that are included with Lightspeed POS are also appealing. For example, if you’re having problems staying organized in the kitchen, you can use the kitchen display tool. During a sales rush, you could set up the table side ordering system so that all of your guests can process orders quicker.

Each of the POS systems provide different advantages in a busy restaurant. If you’re concerned about durability, invest in heavy duty tablets or one highly durable point of sale system.

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