Common Scams Targeting Small Businesses

Don’t assume that just because you run a small business that you are free from falling victim to scammers and hackers who are looking to make money from you. In fact, in some situations, scammers may target your company as they may see you as ‘easy prey’. Make sure that this isn’t the case by learning about the most common scams so you know what to look out for.

Phishing Scams

Phishing scams are highly popular still these days, and you can find out more about them by clicking here. Often, they come in the form of emails appearing to be from a trusted organization, such as your bank, and are looking for confidential information about your business. Rather than falling victim to them, you should ensure that you have your antivirus and firewall settings up to date, as well as train your staff so that they are fully aware what to look out for. If you need to verify the organization, you can always get in touch with them directly.

Office Supply Scams

These scams come in the form of calls or emails offering you a ‘reminder’ that it is time to reorder a particular item from around the office. If you agree, you may find yourself with an order for merchandise that is way overpriced. Make sure that you set up clear ordering procedures with companies that can be properly verified. Alternatively, you may receive stock that you never ordered and find yourself being harassed for payment on it.

Vanity Awards

While it is lovely to receive awards if they are legitimate, what you don’t want is to be flattered into accepting a prize from an organization that is just out there to scam you. You will often find that there are additional expenses involved to cover costs. So, before you accept anything, make sure that you do your research and verify that the award is for real. Look for previous iterations of the award to make sure.

Fake Invoices

Your company will receive a set of bills every month, but you may find that an opportunistic scammer has slipped in a fake invoice in there somewhere. If the scammers are particularly sophisticated, they will choose a company name that sounds familiar and like one of your existing suppliers already. Proper accounting software and trained professionals can help to sniff out these scams. If your staff aren’t sure, they should always feel comfortable asking for help or advice.

Office Intruders

If you run a particularly busy office, it is likely that you will have people going in and out on a regular basis. You never know who could slip in, which is why you need to have a receptionist or another system that identifies people as they walk in. This way, you won’t find yourself with stock walking out the door unexpectedly.

Keeping abreast of these common scams – and the many more that exist like them – will help to keep your business properly protected against attacks of differing natures.

Image Source: Google Images