Do a Good Backup with MiniTool ShadowMaker

World Backup Day should never only be a call to action – it is to make us realize how much personal data and memories we are currently storing in digital form, as well as how much we can permanently lose.

Your computer doesn’t care if you lose everything

The one who has lost valuable files at least once knows how important back up is. Probably because some of they have not lost important data yet. People are divided into those who back up and those who will back them up. 

Most often, making a backup of some personal files is not a time-consuming occupation, especially with the help of some premium software, such as MiniTool ShadowMaker, and often can save us a lot of nerves and unnecessary stress. Just as important as doing a backup is taking care of the data in a way that does not lose them. 

Backup is nothing more than keeping files in two places at once, it protects against possible loss of data from our device. One of the easiest solutions is to create a backup to an external drive, while maintaining files on your computer. It is known that this is not an ultra logical solution. However, it is good to have a copy on an external disk and connect it to another place to store important files. 

Make a backup

There are tips to help you create an effective solution to your data loss and backup problem on upcoming World Backup Day 2020.

Get an external data drive

External hard drives provide more capacity for less money compared to USB keys and CD/CDRW.

Use backup software

Do not rely on manual backup methods! Use a special program that will remember to make copies for you. When backing up manually, it’s easy to make a mistake or miss something important. MiniTool ShadowMaker will reliably back up important data, as well as keep a log of all operations.

This MiniTool program mentioned here allows you to create your own file backup with ease, which is much better than what Windows offers by default. Not only does it cope with many operating systems, but it will help us recover the system in case of failure, it also allows you to automatically back up on a scheduled regular basis.

Store copies in different places

For the most important files, it’s a good idea to make two separate backups. If you place them on different devices, you will significantly reduce the risk of losing your most important data. Remember that transferring important files from your computer to an external hard drive is not synonymous with backing up – in this way you only transfer data to an external storage, which can still be damaged or stolen.

There are many threats to our data: hardware failures, thefts, viruses and software errors, natural disasters and random accidents. Never store your files in one place, always have a backup copy.  It is worth having your backup plan.

In conclusion

April, and especially the first day, is a time when our computer disks are attacked more often than usual. I hope that thanks to these tips it will be easier for you to control your data and you will not be at risk of losing any data.