Extreme Landings

Flying has always fascinated people around the world and this is why they have always wanted to find ways to do it. Well, nowadays this is really easy thanks to a fundamental discovery and this is the plane. Although flying by itself seems hard you will soon discover that landing a plane is much, much harder, especially after you play a game for Android, called Extreme Landings.

In Extreme Landings this is exactly what you have to do – land a plane. Before we go into details we will say that the application is large at around 80 MB so make sure to have a stable and free connection to the Internet before you download it. The size pays off, though – Extreme Landings is a nice game and you will have fun with it.

Extreme Landings will treat your eyes with beautiful and colorful 3D graphics that really make you feel like you are flying a plane. Earth beneath has been made very detailed, which adds to the value of the game and you will often see beautiful pictures created by nature such as sunsets and sunrises. The game also presents you with a number of planes to choose from and this is also a plus; the plane you are flying is also very well detailed. The plot behind the game is simple – you are given a plane and you must land it at an airport near you. This is the moment when you will realize that landing the plane is much more difficult than it seems. To control the plane you must tilt your device and then more – have 3D thinking to know where and how your plane is situated. This is very tricky as most games on Google Play take place in 2D planes, even though they may be in 3D. In simple words this means you cannot fall into an abyss, which is something not true for Extreme Landings. So be careful when landing your plane.

To be honest with you, Extreme Landings is a tough game. We never landed a plane successfully and instead of that we had some horrific plane crashes. Perhaps toughness is the only weak point in the game as you will have to put some effort into it in order to play it successfully. “Weak” is not the right word too, it’s just how Extreme Landings is and you will have to deal with it.

In every other aspect the game excels and we are sure you will like it. It is simply too realistic and too beautiful. Given you have some more free time and you learn how to fly and land a plane you will definitely have fun with it. In addition you will not pay a penny for it since this game is free.

To sum it up we like Extreme Landings a lot. The game is challenging and beautiful and it has everything it needs to become a successful app. Just give it some more time and don’t give up on it.

You can take a look at Extreme Landings here on Google Play.