How to choose an electric pump and a brief review of the Xiaomi portable air pump

Do you want to fill the wheels of your bicycle, your scooter, or an inflatable mattress quickly? If you need to inflate a ball or float, it is not worth wasting time inflating it by hand. The best device that we can use in these cases is an air compressor. With an electric pump we can fill any container with air in just seconds, and we can also do it by adjusting exactly the desired pressure.

If you are going to buy an electric air pump, you should know that we can find the following characteristics in them:

– These types of pumps are automatic, and we do not have to make any effort to introduce air.

– Either way, it is essential that the pump has a pressure gauge to control the pressure emitted by the compressor.

– We must choose models with universal compatibility, which can inflate the majority of valves on the market.

– Some pumps are capable of sensing the air pressure of the wheel, ball, or float.

Since they are electric, they work with a rechargeable battery that will have a variable autonomy.

– The best electric pumps are capable of stopping when they reach the pressure that we have set.

– In some cases, a small electric pump will be slower than a foot pump (larger), but we must remember that the biggest advantage of these devices is that they are much more comfortable and do not make us strain.

– Depending on the pressure and volume of air that the pump can generate, only bicycle wheels or even motorcycle and car wheels can inflate.

– In some cases the pump has additional accessories, such as a built-in light. These types of devices are usually quite noisy, so we must choose, whenever we can, the quietest possible.

Xiaomi electric air pum portable

Without a doubt, the Xiaomi electric air pump portable is one of the best designed compressors that we will find in the market. And what’s more, it is really small: it is an electric pump that has an LCD screen that shows the pressure of our tires, the inner tube of the bicycle or the balloon that we inflate. In my opinion, it is difficult to find a better designed compressor than this without looking excessively “clunky” or unaesthetic. Xiaomi’s electric pump (which weighs 430 grams) will withstand almost any fall without taking too much damage, and can be used at high pressures without the mechanism suffering.

It is operated in a very easy way, with a central wheel that reminds us of the buttons of a classic iPod. The pressure gauge works by detecting the internal pressure of our tires, and we can set the pressure at which we want them to inflate.

The Xiaomi electric pump is quite portable, and although it would be annoying to carry it in a pocket (it is quite thick), we can put it in a backpack without problems, so it is perfect if we go camping or to the beach.