Medical Sensors: Why could I make use of one?

While issues around Covid 19 have been making the news worldwide, the last month has seen public and private interest in medical sensors rise. But with so many options available and information thin on the ground, it can be hard to understand what medical sensors could potentially help with the crisis and why they are of use?

So, what is a modern medical sensor and why should you potentially think about picking one up?

What are they?

Simply put, modern medial sensors are predominantly digital pieces of kit that allow individuals and doctors alike to gather crucial information about a patient.

In the past, many tests would require significant time and effort to resolve – with blood test and other painful procedures required to validate your health. These can be affixed by sensor patches, read your pulse, or even be clipped to your body to measure key vitals. 

Why have they been in the news?

One of the reasons why interest in sensors has risen is due to the threat posed by Covid 19. Once infected, many patients develop symptoms that are in line with viral pneumonia. This reduces the uptake of oxygen in your blood, placing your system under significant strain – with pre-existing conditions or other illnesses placing your body under sever pressure. 

This has resulted in a spike of interest in pulse oximeters for individuals looking to measure the level of o2 saturation throughout their body. This carries the potential to act as an early marker for illness and allows patients and practitioners to help track the recovery process with greater accuracy.

Most – if not all – devices work by applying beams of light onto your skin that allows the device to capture the user’s current pulse rare, the percentage of red bloods cells (RBC’s) present. This can help cut back on the workload of practitioners or allow those at risk to carry out tests throughout the day and guarantee maximum oversight. 

Should I pick one up?

The answer is…it depends.

For many, devices like pulse oximeters are increasing in popularity – with their cost effectiveness and portability making them incredibly popular. 

If you are considering acquiring one, make sure that you pick one that is easy to use, accurate, and – most importantly – is from a reliable provider. Companies like Sensoronics provide a range of pulse oximeter devices that are robust and affordable, letting you make a purchase with confidence. But no matter what you choose, be sure to take the time to fully vet your chosen provider and ensure that the piece of kit you settle on will give an accurate reading and is from a brand that you can trusts. 

To find out more, you can also arrange a call or consult with your doctor to find out more about which make, or model is right for you. But if you or a member of your family are at risk, immunocompromised, or in a vulnerable age group – picking up an oximeter can help give the additional peace of mind that you need when it truly matters most. 

Source: Google Images