Shopping cart software is every online retailer’s dream come true. It facilitates the buying of a service or product and accepts the customer’s payment. It also organizes the distribution of those details to a payment processor, merchant, and other similar parties.

PayKickstart is a perfect example of an e-commerce software solution that gives online retailers the full power and ability to handle their enterprise with plenty of 3rd party integrations, a mobile app, and 0% platform fees.

In the paykickstart review below, we will look at every aspect of the software, from features to pros and cons.

Thanks to the growing trend of online shopping and quicker internet speeds, specialists predict that e-commerce sales will pass the $3 trillion mark, a significant improvement from last year’s $2.8 trillion figure.

PayKickstart can help you take your e-commerce store to the next level.

What is PayKickstart?

Established in 2014 by Matt Callen and Mark Thompson, PayKickstart is a useful shopping cart tool that allows e-commerce store owners to sell their products on their store without tampering with e-commerce infrastructure, themes, layouts, and plugins.

As is evident in this paykickstart review, the software has gained recognition from online stores worldwide due to its impressive capability of providing lots of convenient services in a single place.

PayKickstart Features

In this paykickstart review, we shall be focusing on the features that put PayKickstart a step ahead of the rest:

  1. Free Affiliate Network Creation

Once you start using the software, you get an affiliate dashboard that enables you to make affiliate accounts.

You can also create your affiliate network without parting with even a cent. Whether you want to order volume, disburse earnings, or check affiliate earning commissions, you can do so in one platform.

  1. Integration With Countless Marketing Tools

PayKickstart has a convenient integration feature that allows you to easily add shipping and logistics tools, email marketing tools, affiliate marketing tools, and custom APIs. These tools enable you to offer your clients the best and double your promotions.

  1. Simple Payment Gateway Integration

Most new business owners find it hard to add a payment gateway to their e-commerce store. PayKickstart smoothens the business terrain by offering four various portals at the time that this paykickstart review was written. The gateways are Braintree, PayPal, Stripe, and

Through these gateways, business owners can sell digital products, physical products, or any other service and receive payment seamlessly.

  1. More Conversions

Through PayKickstart, you can come up with one-click upsell offers for your clients. This feature enables customers to purchase as many items as they wish by filling their details only once. You can also retarget campaigns, create coupon codes, and subscription savers with the software.

PayKickstart Packages

PayKickstart offers three packages: The Starter Package costs $99 per month and does not offer many promotional and marketing features, such as affiliate dashboard, monitoring, and business intelligence. It is best for first-timers and those with small businesses.

The Growth Package is second and the most popular. It costs $199 per month and offers all that the Starter provides and more, such as API Access, Affiliate Management Center, and a Customer Billing Portal.

The best PayKickstart deal so far is The Scale package that costs $399 per month and offers everything in the first two packages as well as unbeatable incentives, such as Customer Feedback Surveys, Designated Account Manager, Social Proof, and Demographics.

PayKickstart Pros & Cons


  • Language and currency support – Currently, the software provides at least 12 translation support to 19 languages and processes transactions to a sum of over 30 currencies. As a vendor, you can also select your Currency and Language preferences per sales campaign that you carry out, enabling you to use your local clients’ money.
  • Free Trial – Unlike many other e-commerce software solutions, PayKickstart allows you to try it out for free and determine whether you want to use it. The best part is you can cancel anytime within the period.
  • Generous payment options – PayKickstart not only offers an array of impressive payment alternatives, but it also does not preserve any payment information in its servers.


  • Expensive – though it is a quality product, PayKickstart is costly on a premium level.
  • Its templates lack visual diversity.

Is PayKickstart Worth Your Time and Money?

Your shopping cart is your greatest asset as an e-commerce retailer. PayKickstart may be expensive, as we have seen in this paykickstart review, but it definitely is value for money. Try it out and watch your online business soar.