The best kit to have when taking your work to the next level

Working on your next big work project, or want to start taking things seriously as an entrepreneur in 2020 and into the next decade? Slow tech and an outdated plan of action could be holding you back from achieving the level of success that you dream of being at. From the basics and bare-necessities to some recommended upgrades for your existing daily-use tech, here are a few ideas that might pique your interest in terms of what to focus on next in your professional setup.

A capable computer

The vast majority of us spend most of our working day sitting in front of a computer, and so it’s pretty much a no-brainer that you should have one that can do everything you need it to do without a second thought. It might seem like a lot to pay up-front, but you’ll regret it if you purchase something cheap that struggles to keep up with your work rate, and you’ll only end up replacing it sooner anyway.

Working on a laptop or notebook while on-the-go, and in need of a speed upgrade? Depending on the type of work that you’re doing, a modernised Chromebook might be the way to go as opposed to a traditional Windows computer. These computers are designed to run lightly with not too much going on in the background, making them sleek, fast, and affordable. For doing emails and writing on the go to make sure you’re getting stuff done, the average Chromebook will run much faster than a similarly priced Windows computer. Plus, with all of your work synced to a Google account, you can access it from anywhere and work seamlessly without having to mess about with USB sticks or memory cards that could get lost when in a rush throughout your busy lifestyle.

A fast smartphone with the right apps installed

When you’re on the go constantly having a fast and easy-to-use smartphone is imperative, but that’s only half the battle. It’s what you do with your phone, and how you use it and the software it has on it to your advantage that will help you to get more done each day. Podcast apps and services, for example, are an incredible way of gaining information and absorbing facts, figures and opinions when you’re on the go.

Not only will these help you to broaden your knowledge when you otherwise wouldn’t have been doing anything, but they could even help you to kickstart your next endeavour. The Property Talk Podcast, for example, an investment orientated podcast from RWinvest, aims to provide novices and beginners with all the information that they need to get started in the world of property investment. These sorts of informational shows are worth checking out if you want to dabble in a sector you might not have previously considered.

A solid plan and financial portfolio

While it might not be a snazzy, gleaming new piece of tech, a water-tight plan of action for your business will form the basis of any successful endeavour. At the end of the day, you can have all the technology in the world at your disposal, but if you haven’t got a solid plan of action for your independent business or creative project, with a schedule to back it up, you probably won’t get far.

If you’re going ahead with an independent business venture or investment strategy, another important thing to keep in mind is whether or not you’ve got the right amount of capital. Don’t purchase things you’re unsure about, or agree to more than you can afford.