The Scoop on Lorex’s New Line of Nocturnal Security Camera Systems

The Scoop on Lorex’s New Line of Nocturnal Security Camera Systems

As a homeowner, it goes without saying that you want to keep your property, family and possessions as safe as possible. While you are already vigilant about basic security habits like keeping your doors locked at all times, closing and locking all windows when you leave the home and not letting newspapers pile up in your driveway, you are ready to take the next step and install one of the innovative security camera systems that is available.

Fortunately, thanks to Lorex Technology’s new line of Nocturnal security cameras, it is now possible to get security camera systems that feature amazing night vision, sharp resolution and the highest weatherproofing rating that is currently available.

Read on to learn more about this new line of Nocturnal cameras.

Nocturnal cameras see what others cannot

While some brazen criminals will try to break into a home in the light of day, many more prefer to do their dirty work once the sun goes down. If a home is not well lit, it is easy for crooks to hide in the darkness undetected and jimmy windows and doors open without passersby noticing. And although traditional security camera systems can keep an electronic eye on homes, many have had challenges capturing high-quality footage at night.

That’s where Lorex’s new line of Nocturnal security cameras comes in. Available in a discreet black or easy-to-see white aluminum, the cameras can figuratively turn darkness into an ally against crime. All the models the company sells are designed to be vandal resistant, so even if a potential burglar spots one and tries to damage it, it will be quite difficult to do so. The Nocturnal cameras are available in both a bullet and dome model, and are affordable, reliable and offer amazing 4K footage.

The power of 4K ultra HD resolution

One of the recently launched Nocturnal cameras is called the 4K Ultra HD Resolution 8MP Outdoor IP Camera. The all-black camera is a professional grade model that features long-range color night vision. If you’ve ever seen super grainy black-and-white nighttime footage from a traditional camera, this model is sure to impress — it can record in color at ranges of up to 150 feet or in infrared mode at up to 200 feet.

The figurative heart of this state-of-the-art Nocturnal camera is the 8.51 MP image sensor, which will easily capture 4K video; this way, if a criminal is casing your home, you will have the best possible video evidence to prove who did it. The 4K security cameras have four times the pixels of a 1080p security camera system; in other words, they can record at a whopping 8-plus million pixels. If you do spot something suspicious on your footage, you can zoom in and the huge number of pixels will allow you to see facial features in a much clearer way.

This model also includes a built-in microphone, which will capture any and all sounds around the camera — this can provide homeowners with additional evidence if an incident does take place.

Nocturnal cameras provide invaluable peace of mind

Thanks to the new line of Nocturnal cameras from Lorex, homeowners can feel confident that they are doing everything they can to keep their homes secure. This innovative security camera system features some of the most advanced technology available, allowing homeowners to capture clear and highly useful images of any suspicious activity around their property.

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