The Three Core Tenets of Digital Marketing

If you have an online business, you need to become savvy with the principles of digital marketing. It’ll help you to build your brand, increase your outreach and ultimately make you more money. In this guide we will outline three of the core tenets of digital marketing. First of all, you may be asking yourself:

What Is Digital Marketing?

Simply put, digital marketing isn’t that dissimilar from traditional marketing. It’s all about letting people know about your business. This can be done through a variety of different methods. The three we will focus on in this article are: email, social and content. 

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As the name suggests, email marketing is all about contacting people through email in order to let them know about your business. Companies usually manage a list of email contacts that they can rely on for things such as press releases, generating leads and keeping up communications. We would recommend setting up a newsletter for your website where people can put in their email address for you to contact them directly. This will also help to build up regular visits to your website!


Social media is everything these days, and stretches across a variety of huge platforms including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter,  LinkedIn, TikTok and Instagram. The first thing you should do before you develop a social media strategy is identify your core audience and what kind of social media platform they are on. From there you can develop a tailored strategy.

Social media strategies come in two forms: the first one is developing your fans and followers naturally through great content, polls and callouts, as well as following others with similar interests. The other method is through paid advertising, where you invest some money in order to have a boosted reach-out. A blend of both methods is generally considered the best way to get ahead and have a great social media marketing strategy.


Driving people to your website is most successful when you have a great digital content strategy. By writing blog posts, guesting on other websites, and SEO-optimizing your website, you are giving it the best possible chance of succeeding.

Content doesn’t just mean writing. It can also come in the form of podcasts, videos and games, three ways that have proven to drive engagement immensely. The best idea is to have at least one piece of content on your website every single day as this gives people a reason to keep revisiting your site as well as reminding search engines such as Google that your site is still active. Even better is to diversify your content streams as this means that you are giving your clients and audience members regular reasons to revisit and interact with what you have to offer.

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