Tips for Choosing a GPS Tracker for a Person with Memory Loss


One of our biggest concerns, with a person with memory loss, is that when they go for a walk they can get lost or disoriented, so they don’t know how to go home. It is in these cases that technology can be a great ally and make our life easier. In the market, we can find many specialized devices that aims at the elderly and those with Alzheimer’s or memory loss. The GPS tracker give us the comfort of knowing at all times where our loved one. If he or she feels lost, they can let us know with an SOS.

When you decide to buy a GPS tracker, you have so many options in the market that it is difficult to decide which one is the most suitable for us and for the person who has to carry it. We want to help you in this choice, so we recommend you evaluate the following features of the devices.

Location accuracy

One of the most important criteria is the accuracy of geolocation. These GPS devices usually send a signal to the nearest antenna, this means that sometimes the accuracy is not as accurate as we would like. At the moment it has been lost, especially if it has been lost for hours, knowing exactly where it was the last time the device released the signal can be vital. An adequate precision is that between 15-30 meters.

Battery duration

You can find some devices that work with AAA batteries, the problem is that they last very little. The most comfortable is that they have the battery included and that it has the longest possible durability. An adequate battery life is between 2-3 days.

Weight and size


The weight and dimensions of the device is also an important feature to assess, because it depends on the comfort of carrying it, which does not weigh when carrying it hanging or that can fit in a pocket. The more comfortable the easier it will be for the older person to accept it and want to carry it. A suitable weight would be between 30-40g, and the appropriate measure that is not larger than 50cm. GoFindMe is a portable and lightweight GPS tracker that can help you keep an eye on your loved ones.


One of the key selection criteria when searching for a GPS tracker will be the price. In the market there are many possibilities, both economical with less functionality, as more advanced models with many additional features. We recommend an intermediate price, of which we know that they adapt to the recommended characteristics, and that can be between € 50-100. Some GPS trackers come with monthly fees which can quickly add up the cost within a couple of months. So choosing the personal GPS trackers with no monthly fee is a good idea.

Other features

Each device will have different characteristics, in addition to those mentioned above, you can also assess aspects such as ergonomic, easy to use for both the elderly and family members. Some devices even add some additional features that we can also evaluate, such as: SOS button, Geofence, flashlight or that allows to make or receive calls.