What are the Top 3 rising esports titles?

Esports is on an incredible rise, and each year more and more money is invested and generated in this amazingly ludicrous industry. Teams and sponsors are now spending huge sums in order to bring to their team the top talent or the most famous influencers around. To name but a couple, fnatic and UYU are two of the biggest brands in Esports at the moment, and their growth is only just starting.

This growth is mainly attributed to the Esports they are competing in, such as CSGO, FIFA or even Tekken to a certain point. The fighting game genre is not as big as other mainstays in Esports such as League of Legends, but observing the growth of the Tekken game and events over the last couple of years has been quite something. From its launch having a couple of international tournaments to having a worldwide tour culminating with an invitational 20-man finals was a growth few in the game expected, but it was a spectacle to watch.

Many national scenes around the globe were thus indirectly invited to make their country proud in representing their home nation in the local tour event. Countries such as Argentina, Greece and Thailand among others had tournaments which were part of this official tour, so top players travelled to said countries to take part. This benefits the local community a lot as playing with high level players usually has a very positive effect in fighting games.

The different sponsors being attracted to the Tekken World Tour also aided the prize pool of the final tournament skyrocket, with Astro Gaming’s sponsorship doubling in fact the pre-existing pool. Having received an incredible netcode patch in the beginning of November, the game is now very much viable online too, meaning the growth of the game has continued even in this troubled pandemic time.

Another game which is slowly rising is Valorant. There is no need for an introduction to Riot Games’ foray into FPS titles, but the success of League of Legends alone is enough for anyone to bet on Valorant to be THE next big competitive first person shooter, alongside Counterstrike of course. Valorant is in prime position to be very big, and with a troubled launch during this pandemic having so many regular players, one can only try to guess how many people will be attending offline events once these are back.

The Valorant community is quite strong currently with a number of events being organised. The number of big streamers on Twitch is also considerable, given that this game has never received an offline major event, obviously due to the current circumstances. Having Riot Games developing the title will mean huge financial support for both development and tournament / esports, so you can bet your money that it will definitely deliver in the long run.

Just as every year, the annual FIFA iteration is among us, and FIFA21 is surely no slouch in terms of competition. This weekend the very first major online tournaments took place, and the competition was stacked. This is only a couple months after release, without Team of the Year cards or all Icons released, so you can be sure that by January the competition will have increased twofold if not three.

There are players who only feel confident playing the game with the best of the best, and since currently there is not a large variety of end-game players available, they will keep playing the game non-competitively for now. As soon as January hits, and TOTY is released, tons of new players will flood the game and the online tournaments in hope of making it big in the FIFA scene. New players are quick to make a name for themselves in every FIFA, so you can bet 21 will be no different. With gameplay as close to FIFA20 as it is, people who grinded last year’s game will be in prime position to make it big in 21 too.

Esports is on the rise, and that is a fact. And you can keep track of the esports world on many sites just head to Google to find some popular news sources. I can only dream of how big the industry will be over the next 5 or 10 years, and it will probably exceed even that. Given it has surpassed the movie and music industry already, the sky really is the limit for gaming and esports.