Why Is Data Color so Important in Data Visualizations?

The colors you use in your data visualizations can be as important as the data you’re presenting. Learn how to pick the best data color every time.

Us humans are extremely visual beings. This is why data color is such an important part of what you are presenting. It is important to make the most out of your data visualization by learning all of the factors that can influence what you are showing your viewers.

Keep reading to learn about why data color is so important.

Color Psychology

Color has always been an important key used by marketing to influence how everyone sees the world. Companies and businesses study the way different colors make people feel and use them to persuade how their customers buy their products or services and also to tie their clients in emotionally with their brands, presentations, advertisements, etc.

An example is fast food restaurants. They use colors that are bright like red and yellow because these colors give people a sense of urgency and also encourage people to “eat and run” vs sitting around lounging in their facility all day.

Color is prime when it comes to setting the stage for how your data will make people feel about what you have to offer.

Data Color in Data Visualization

Color will add depth to the data you are presenting. If you use the same color for everything in your visualization is will confuse your potential customers and it will make your data boring. This will cause you to lose business rather than gain it.

Use contrasting colors to make your graphs stand out during a presentation and to grab your viewer’s attention. If you want to emphasize data in a bar graph give it a splash of a bright color like red and watch your viewer’s attention span rise.

Simplifies Graphs

If you are ever in a situation where you have to present a complex graph then you can use color palette to simplify this for your audience. Comparing data can be boring for anyone to look at, which is why using colors that are contrasting or a specific set of colors to distinguish between two different sets of data will make your graph simpler.

Making a simpler graph will make it easier for your viewers and audience to see the bigger picture of what you are presenting rather than tune you out.

Color Is an Influencer

Colors will influence the feel of your data. Choosing the right colors can give a sense of cheerfulness, purity, creativity, or calmness. Whichever feel you prefer to go for, make sure you choose the right colors to create the feeling that you want.

Get your viewers feeling the way you want about the data you are presenting by choosing the right colors.

Feeling Like a Data Color Pro?

Now that you are aware of why data color is so important in your data visualizations you can put what you learned into action to help you in your own business. It is time to take color and use it to your advantage to have a powerful effect on your brand and your message.

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