Making Sense Of Different Coding Bootcamp Options

Making Sense Of Different Coding Bootcamp Options


Coding bootcamps are spreading across the globe. With the demand for developers only growing, coding bootcamps are filling a much-needed role in training a new generation of coders to fill open job positions. However, with so many options blooming, it’s difficult to understand one option versus the other and determine which type of coding bootcamp may be best for you

One approach out of the gate is to determine which bootcamp format resonates most strongly. Because bootcamp format impacts major variables like affordability and accessibility, it’s a valuable factor to consider when evaluating the best bootcamp type for you. 

Offline Coding Bootcamps

The first format to consider is the offline coding bootcamp. This format takes a traditional classroom approach to coding education. Everything is completely offline, and students attend classes full time, five days per week. They go to class with dedicated instructors who give well-structured lessons, and serve as a valuable resource to students.

It’s an immersive experience that’s known to produce strong results. However, the immersive, offline format can often be a barrier to students wanting to attend coding bootcamps. For anyone with a full-time job, family obligations, or other time-consuming commitments, dropping everything to attend class full time is often not an option. Also, offline coding bootcamps tend to be limited to just major cities. Students in smaller cities and towns, or even suburban areas, will often find these locations inaccessible to them. Lastly, offline coding bootcamps are definitely the most expensive option out there. Because of their format, offline bootcamps cost more money to produce, and can have a price tag of much as $10,000.

As a whole, offline bootcamps do offer great instruction, but they tend to require students to have some discretionary income and schedule freedom. Unfortunately, this means anyone looking for affordability and flexibility usually can’t attend this type of bootcamp. 

Online Coding Bootcamps

Doing a complete 180-degree turn, we have online coding bootcamps at the other end of the format spectrum. As their name implies, this bootcamp takes place completely online which makes them great for anyone in small cities, towns or even rural areas that can’t otherwise access an offline bootcamp in a large metropolitan area. By being offered wholly online, these bootcamps are extremely flexible and allows students with jobs and other commitments to fit their training around their busy schedule. Also, with a price tag of just a few hundred dollars, online bootcamps certainly have the best price tag.

As good as this sounds, online bootcamps have one major downside. The lack of structure means they don’t come with much accountability. There are zero peers or instructors to keep you motivated, and zero deadlines to ensure that you get your homework and assignments completed on time. There’s very little built-in motivation which means many students start online bootcamps but very few actually finish the program.  

Hybrid or Flipped Classroom Coding Bootcamps

Because offline and online bootcamps have clear pros and cons, a new format has recently emerged to blend the best of both worlds. Generally called a hybrid or flipped classroom model, these bootcamps allow students to take structured lessons during the week online while also including a weekly on-site workshop each weekend. This medley lets students structure their learning during the week around their schedules but comes with a built-in system of peers, instructors and deadlines to keep them motivated and encouraged. With this model, students are pushed to keep learning and improving. 

Particularly unique about this model is the hyper-local access it affords. Hybrid bootcamps are offered in smaller cities and towns which makes them truly accessible to students no matter where they live. Additionally, they model itself is far less expensive to produce, which means hybrid bootcamps come with a much lower price tag. At just under $2,000 for a complete bootcamp, these are one of the most affordable and effective bootcamp options around.

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