5 Signs You Need IT Support


In today’s world, to run a successful business, you will be relying on computers, programs, and the internet. What do you do if your e-mail goes down, or you lose a document? How do you run your business without access to your e-mail? The IT side of your business requires experts in these fields.

IT stands for “Information Technology,” which refers to whatever is related to computing technologies, such as networking, hardware, software, and the Internet. The use of an IT helpdesk helps you get answers and solutions to your problems without too timely a delay. There are several types of technical services such as infrastructure, computing, software, platforms, APIs, networks data storage, data synchronization, databases, data, analytics, content management, content delivery, transaction processing, workflow, process automation, event processing, monitoring information security, mobile, mobile platforms, search office productivity, business automation, robotics, internet of things and artificial intelligence.

Guarding your digital resources against servers, to applications, to files, is multi-faceted and complex. To securely keep your business protected, you need ongoing threat management, network monitoring, and incursion detection. Here are five indications that it might be time to hire a professional IT support company:

  1. Productivity is down

If trying to fix problems yourself is slowing down productivity, it might be time to investigate hiring IT help. If your losing money, because your spending more time trying to fix issues with e-mail and printers, then spending time on your actual job. It’s time to reach out to someone who knows what they’re doing. Yes, you must pay for IT, but in the long run, it probably works out to be less expensive than missing on work trying to solve issues you have no clue about by yourself.

  1. Software isn’t working

You missed a client deadline because your software hasn’t been working properly. Avoid being in this scenario by having an IT helpdesk at your fingertips to solve issues such as software freezing so that you are not disappointing clients. A bonus is that usually, IT companies do routine preventative maintenance and real-time monitoring so they would have most likely seen the issue before you would have even known about it.

  1. Data is lost

Keeping your data from being lost is important. If data is lost, without being backed up, it is gone forever, and all your hard work is wasted. Data could be lost for many reasons. Some are a natural disaster, fire, or accidental deletion. An IT company monitors and maintains your systems and files and perform routine backups to ensure that if ever there was a disturbance, you will be able to recover your data.

  1. Running on an old operating system

You could be running on a very old operating system, and without knowing to put your business and data at risk. An outsourced IT company who’s monitoring your system would know of important upgrades needed for your system. The systems would be upgraded during non-business hours, and you’d never be the wiser, would always have the most up to date operating system.

  5.Have been cyberattacked

Cyber threats are continuously growing, and no one is safe from an attack. Approximately 50 percent of small businesses have suffered from a cyber-attack.IT professionals also need to make sure all endpoints on your network are secure. You need to ensure you have endpoint detection and response which keeps all devices on your network safe from potential cyber-attacks. Recovering from being attacked is not easy. It can take an incredibly long time to recover lost data and gain the trust of your customers back.

Security systems need to be continuously updated. Contracting out IT security to experts in this field will take the stress off you. IT security will monitor the business’s security systems 24/7 and only inform your team of a serious breach. Having IT, professionals look after the security of your data and resources gives you peace of mind that you are protected from a cyber-attack.

In Conclusion

Many small to medium-sized businesses do not have the resources available to hire specialized IT staff, but the requirement for IT support can quickly grow from what you and your staff can handle. Technology is always changing, and it is hard to keep up to date with all the new threats in the digital world. An IT company can help your business from feeling financial stress due to high demand.  Outsourcing IT needs to the experts in providing this service is a smart investment.

A well thought out IT strategy helps you handle business and technology difficulties in a resourceful way. Your IT support company can offer guidance on tools and equipment that can.