GIGABYTE to demonstrate 10-inch mobile PCs at CeBIT 2009

After the heated feedback of the M912 Series with swivel screens that were launched in 2008, GIGABYTE will demonstrate various 10.1-inch mobile PCs at the CeBIT 2009 held in Hannover according to public expectation.

These include the Touch Note M1028 also equipped with the swivel screen, the Thin Note M1024 which is only 890 grams and 2cm thick, and the Booktop M1022 equipped with the exclusive docking station for turning the Booktop into a desktop. These models will again display GIGABYTE’s excelling R&D power. Also, the new-generation Intel® Centrino®2 notebook PCs with different screen sizes will be the focus at the present CeBIT. As one of the leading brands in notebook PCs, GIGABYTE will surely bring refreshing models to the public in 2009.

Touch Note M1028

With a fashionable and elegant appearance, the Touch Note M1028 has a golden coffee top cover of exquisite quality and a 10.1-inch LED backlight swivel screen. It is a combination of notebook and tablet PCs that delivers multiple application modes for convenience use. The two resolution options for this model include 1024×600 and 1366×768, which are the mainstreams of the market. In addition to the mobile features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Express Card slot. What is noteworthy is that the M1028 is equipped with a wide range of crafty designs from GIGABYTE. Besides the 92% full-scale keyboard with premium quality, the M1028 supports the embedded 3.5G (HSDPA) module for users to experience the wonder of mobile life.


Booktop M1022

The Booktop M1022 is equipped with a 10.1-inch LED backlight screen and the docking station exclusively from GIGABYTE. By connecting the M1022 to this docking station which is also a battery charger, users can turn the M1022 into a desktop and recharge the battery of the Booktop. Looking like a book that does not occupy much space with its slim appearance, the M1022 is a fashionable home accessory equipped with a 92% full-scale keyboard with 17.5 mm key pitch to deliver a comfortable typing experience. The M1022 also supports the 3.5G HSDPA module for users to enjoy the fun of mobile networking. In addition to two options for screen resolution, the M1022 continues GIGABYTE’s modular design tradition for memory and hard drive upgrade and maintenance.


Thin Note M1024

As the lightest and slimmest of its kind, the Thin Note M1024 is only 890 grams with the battery, and the overall thickness is just 20.8mm, making it exceptionally convenient for mobile use. In fact, the ultra-slim appearance of the M1024 makes it the ideal model for businesspeople. Equipped with the 10.1-inch LED backlight screen to deliver more saturated color effects and superb battery durability, the Intel® Atom™ N270 CPU enhances the overall performance of the M1024. With the support for the 3.5G HSDPA module, users can enjoy the fun of mobile networking through mobile broadband wherever mobile signals reach.


Notebook W376M

The W376M is the new 13.3-inch notebook from GIGABYTE equipped with the latest Intel® Centrino® 2 technology. By supporting both the 3.5G HSDPA and digital TV module, the W376M allows users to enjoy real-time mobile entertainment anywhere and anytime. The W376M also delivers four security features to meet the security and privacy needs of businesspeople. These include the G-sensor exclusively from GIGABYTE which alerts users with audible alarm to prevent theft when the notebook is deliberately moved. The fingerprint recognition feature, disk shockproof technology, and the Kensington security lock are the thoughtful designs from GIGABYTE to ensure the absolute mobile security of the W376M.


Notebook W476V and W576V

The W476V and W576V are the 14.1-inch and 15.4-inch notebooks from GIGABYTE, powered by the Intel® Centrino® 2 technology. Both models come with exquisite multimedia features, including the 16:10 glare type LCD screen at 1280 x 800 resolution featuring the NVIDIA graphic chipset and HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) for users to enjoy superb and comfortable video programs. Both W476V and W576V are equipped with a 2.0 mega pixel webcam and the e-SATA interface, which are designed for high speed data transfer as fast as internal SATA at 300Mbps, far superior to USB and FireWire connection. The top cover is made with the latest Imprint IMR technology. The elegant and convergent designs make the W476V and W576V the perfect notebook PC choices that combine fashion and performance. GIGABYTE is committed to the R&D of portable devices and the provision of exquisite products with premium quality. By demonstrating these new models at CeBIT, GIGABYTE wishes to show the public its unchanged spirit and determination. From the superpower smaller-sized notebook to the full-scaled models, GIGABYTE will continue to develop more quality products to provide consumers with more choices for home entertainment and business uses.


Source: Press Release