AMD may add rebranded old GPUs to the RX 400 line

The Radeon RX 400 line is undoubtedly an interesting one – we already got the RX 480 model and down the line we will soon get the RX 470 and RX 460 video cards. But what about the budget cards in the line? It appears that AMD plans to add rebranded old GPUs to the RX 400 line and sell them in the budget cards of the line.

The news comes from a new AMD slide, which lists a Radeon RX 440 model. There will also be Radeon RX 430, RX 420 and RX 410 models with all of them likely featuring 64-bit memory buses. These three models are likely to come with previous generation GPUs, likely Oland and Cape Verde but this remains to be confirmed. All this means that the Polaris chips will be reserved for only the high-end and mid-range models in the RX 400 line.

It is unclear when the budget members of the RX 400 line will arrive but given the limited performance that they will offer we doubt AMD will make headlines with these models.