More details on Skylake-R processors now available

More details on Skylake-R processors now available

A few days ago we published an article on several new Intel Skylake processors that come with an improved GPU inside. The chips carried the R letter in their names and this was the only way to distinguish them from other Skylake chips. Unfortunately back then not all details were available but this is no longer the case since Intel has published the tech details of these chips on its web page.

So the new GPU inside these three processors is called Crystal Well. It is easily the best integrated GPU the Skylake generation has seen so far (and perhaps will remain the best for this chip generation). Crystal Well comes with 72 execution units and 128 MB of L4 cache. There are no benchmarks results dealing with the new Crystal Well GPU but a well-known fact is that the GPU inside the Core i7-5775C and Core i5-5675C Broadwell processors is very powerful and it only comes with 48 execution units so the performance of Crystal Well will be impressive. As to the processors – the Core i7-6785R has four cores at 3.3 GHz (3.9 GHz Turbo) with support for Hyper-Threading, 8 MB L3 cache, Iris Pro 580 graphics (the aforementioned Crystal Well) at 350 MHz/1150 MHz Turbo, 65W TDP and a price of USD 370. The Core i5-6685R comes with four cores at 3.2 GHz (3.8 GHz Turbo) with no Hyper-Threading, 6 MB of L3 cache, Iris Pro 580 graphics at 350 MHz/1150 MHz Turbo, 65W TDP and a price of USD 288. The last chip is the Core i5-6585R, which sports four cores at 2.8 GHz (3.6 GHz Turbo) with no Hyper-Threading, 6 MB of L3 cache, Iris Pro 580 graphics, 65W TDP and a price of USD 255.

The chips are available in the FCBGA1140 form factor now, which means you won’t be able to install them in a regular desktop board. Apparently Intel does not want to compete with the GPU in the two aforementioned Broadwell processors.

Source: Intel

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