Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social Media Marketing isn’t that hard, and the more comfortable you are with an efficient tool, the more effective your marketing efforts are likely to become. There are a lot of social media monitoring tools in the market. These range from the more affordable or free to those that are quite costly.

We’ve picked out a few here. We mention and unpack them to highlight the value of social listening. These tools look into the thousands of conversations happening on social media every day, and they give you information that may improve the way you do business or develop offerings and how you market products.


BuzzSumo has become the favourite tool that many brands use for content marketing and SEO campaigns. Remember that when you are looking for a monitoring tool, you always need to ensure that it meets your requirements.

To see if it meets you needs, list what you want from a monitoring tool, and that will make it a lot easier for you to decide on which tool to use.

BuzzSumo can quickly identify what content is working for you versus what’s not working within your industry. It also takes notice of who are the major influencers in that field. This helps you optimise and improve your content and have more meaningful conversations with the influencers who could enhance your brand’s share of voice.


This is a tool that is loved by most social media manager and community manager around the world for its ability to schedule content on social media platforms. It’s easy to use. The free-to-use version allows you to add up to three different social platforms and schedule posts in advance, eliminating the worry of manually posting and updating every single post. If you want to increase the number of posts and social platforms that you monitor, Hootsuite has a number of paid options that you can choose from.

This tool also allows you to look through your calendars of posts, see the fans that are interacting with your accounts, and even communicate with them without actually going out of the social media platform in which you are engaging with them on.


Are you interested in tracking how far your tweet can go? If so here is an excellent monitoring tool for your brands to see how far tweets travel and their lifespan. TweetReach measures the actual impact and implications of social media discussions. It is a good way of finding out who are your most influential followers and guides you towards the right people you should be targeting when you share and promote online content.


Here’s a tool with a dedicated focus on Twitter.  If you are looking to track and monitor instant real-time Twitter updates, then Twazzup is the perfect tool for you. It’s simple… all you need to do is to enter the name or keyword that you would like to track, and you instantly get real-time updates. This tool gives you a sight of the most active top influencers, most retweeted photos and links, and most importantly, the top 10 keywords related to your search.

All these mentioned tools have a common thread and ultimate goal of helping brands to find it easier to interact with influencers, their customers and brand advocates to take the level of engagement up a notch.

Remember that the goal of social media marketing is to get different digitalaudiences for your brand. This means that you need to constantly be pushing out communications to them so that they see that you are remaining relevant. The tools we’ve listed above will make getting your brand out there easier so that you can focus on growing your business.