How Cell Phones Affect Family Relationships: 4 Up-to-Date Sources to Use When Writing an Essay

Almost every person in the world uses this or that kind of a cell phone. This is a very practical and helpful device. It provides us with a possibility to instantly get in touch with anybody. No matter where the person is, just dial the number and talk. Moreover, you can send SMS or exchange messages on any social media. Modern smartphones likewise contain multiple functions to provide their owners with convenience.

Accordingly, many teachers and professors assign essays dedicated to this particular theme. Every essay should be based on scientific facts and evidence (unless it’s a reflective essay or personal statement). It’s not always easy to find a trustworthy source. We can help you in this situation. We offer your 4 great sources devoted to the topic of cell phones and their influence on family relationships. They are different and you can use the offered data for different purposes.


ItStillWorks is a helpful website with varied data. It contains multiple points that can be used to either support cell phones or criticize them. Why is it two-sided? Like any technological device, a cell phone has advantages and disadvantages. It serves us in a variety of ways and mostly, supports one of the most important needs of every human being – enabling of communication. Nonetheless, it can induce serious problems

Human development expert Rob Weisskirch is the author of multiple studies about cell phones, their value, and influence on family ties. The researcher claims that cell phones should be used as our friends but with caution. They will never replace real people and communication in person.

Many kids get lost in their cell phones. Modern smartphones offer a tremendous variety of options. They have redoubled thanks to different applications that can be installed and used for different purposes. Thus, children get torn off reality and lose connection. All they need is to dig with their noses into this device. Parents are guilty too if they allow their children this dangerous activity too often.

His study revealed that kids get closer with their parents when they use phones to ask their parents some help and advice. However, when parents used a phone and expressed their anger or disappointed this worked the other way. The researcher claims that parents ought to set certain restrictions and explain certain issues and expectations to their kids.

You can also use other articles and data available on this website. Thus, it provides the importance of cell phones:

  • Practicality;
  • Safety;
  • Necessity;
  • Responsibility;
  • Education help;
  • Responsibility;
  • Trust;

Phones are useful even in the case of divorce. A child can get in touch with a parent who lives separately.

This website also provides other negative aspects. Thus, the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute reported a sufficient increase in car accidents due to the use of cell phones. Many teens have driving licenses and when they drive a car, they use their phones. This may lead to the worst outcomes.

Perspectives Counseling

Perspectives Counseling focuses on the negative outcomes of phone use for family relationships. Children get addicted to their phones. As a result, they are detached and unwilling to communicate with their siblings and parents. They refuse to listen to their parents, get easily irritated, and disobedient.

This resource also offers some ways to solve cell phone usage at home. These are:

  • Usage in moderation.
  • No phones during breakfasts, dinners, and suppers.
  • No phones while children carry out their home and family tasks.
  • A limitation every day to conduct a normal way of life.
  • Restrictions to access certain websites and use some applications.
  • “Bedtime” rules when a kid has no right to turn on the phone.

This is useful data and you can implement it in your paper.

Important India

Important India gives information that also goes two ways. It provides proofs about the benefits of cell phones. You can find information about how we use phones and how they help us. On the other hand, it reveals some negative effects, such as the waste of time, social detachment, violation of parent-children interaction, etc. Finally, the resource provides effective recommendations to overcome these problems.

Psychology Today

Psychology Today offers a bit wider analysis of this issue. It digs deeper and focuses on relationships between parents or couples. A recent study from Brigham Young University tested 143 married couples. Though the main risk factors for any family are sex, money, and kids, the usage of smartphones also spoils everything.

Most outcomes showed huge negativism. One of the partners claimed that he or she feels ignored and hurt. This leads to different quarrels and great confrontation. Many people tend to split and try their luck with a “less digital” mate. Only a few couples didn’t even think this might cause troubles.

Look Wider

There are a lot of more sources. You should surf the Internet and conduct your own research. Find relevant and trustworthy information sources dedicated to this topic. Try to find as many sources as possible along with academic essay writing services available online. Pay to the related issues too. Don’t focus on cell phones and family only. Review them separately.

Find sources about the pros and cons of cell phones. Find evidence that affects relationships inside the family. Cell phone use may be only one of the potential triggers to problems, as well as improvement of family relationships. Review this issue from different angles to draw firm and right conclusions.