Writing a Research Paper on Cell Phone Addiction

Many people jokingly say that they cannot live without their phones – but in every joke there is some truth. In this case, this proportion is quite large. Here are some tips on how to write a quality research paper on cell phone addiction and make it not boring.

Do Preliminary Research

Dependence on smartphones and the Internet is spreading more and more. Specialists from the University of Korea, led by Jung Suk Seo, a professor of neuroradiology, studied the brains of several dozen people using magnetic resonance spectroscopy to identify the difference in the chemical composition of the brain in a person who developed a dependence on smartphone, compared with a person who has no dependence.

A total of 19 young people participated in the work, dependent on smartphones or the Internet. The average age of participants was 15.5 years, nine were male. The control group consisted of 19 healthy people of the age corresponding to the first group. 12 addicted people out of 19 were treated on the basis of a treatment scheme for gambling addiction. During the study, all participants underwent standard tests for addiction, and those with positive tests showed a much greater tendency to depression, anxiety, insomnia, they were also more impulsive.

Make Relevant Conclusions

Experts used magnetic resonance spectroscopy to measure the concentration in the brain of each participant’s neurotransmitters: gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which is responsible for slowing down and inhibiting the activity of neurons, and glutamate-glutamine, which has a stimulating effect. Then scientists calculated the ratio of one concentration to another. In the minds of the participants with the dependence of the number turned out significantly large. An excess of GABA provokes the development of depression and anxiety, as the authors of the study observed, but there was also good news – the therapy helped to normalize the chemical composition of the brain.

Offer Adequate Solutions

There are several options to start with when a person wants to fight a phone addiction. First of all, he or she should make their phone monochrome. Black and white version helps to reduce the impact of manipulations used by different apps to make you pay attention to them. It is a fact that when you see a colorful notification, mostly a red one, you want to open your phone immediately like there can be something really useful. Well, there cannot be. What is important is that when you turn off the colors your brain becomes less stimulated, and less stressed, and as a student you certainly could use less stress, especially when writing a research paper. Another adequate solution for this situation is to turn off sound as often as possible. Let’s face it, you are a students, stock markets don’t depend on you, sick people don’t depend on you – if you miss a call once in a while it won’t be a disaster.

Follow Instructions Carefully

You would be surprised to know how many truly good papers got low grades because their authors didn’t bother to follow professor’s instructions. Of course, creativity matters, but it is not the only thing that matters. Creativity should not cost you a good grade. So, if you are required to use particular sources, to study a particular problem, to follow a certain structure — do it. Don’t be careless and disrespectful towards your professor and the system in general. It will also help if you make a good plan for your writings and follow it at least at some point. Without a plan you will feel like you have plenty of time to write a paper, and later you will be forced to look for some professional research paper writing assistance online, as the deadline will be scarily close. So, plan in advance and follow all given instructions to the dot.

Needless to say that you should submit your research paper on time and take care of formatting, Using citation generators will save you time and grammar checkers will help you to proofread the final draft. Use all the tools you can get in order to come up with a stellar result.