JVC Intros New D-ILA Home Theater Projector

JVC-DLA-RS35JVC updates its award-winning line of D-ILA home theater projectors with the introduction of six new models, each offering the high native contrast that has made JVC projectors top-selling favorites among the most demanding home theater enthusiasts. The new line includes four THX® Certified projectors and all six achieve unprecedented contrast ratios without the need for artificial contrast enhancing techniques, such as a dynamic iris. In fact, JVC’s new top-end model boasts a native contrast ratio of 70,000:1 – the highest among all currently available home theater projectors.

The new projectors are the DLA-RS35, DLA-RS25 and DLA-RS15 to be marketed by JVC’s professional products group, and the DLA-HD990, DLA-HD950 and DLA-HD550, available through JVC’s consumer electronics group. All six projectors feature the same D-ILA technology and features found in previous models, but add improvements in both performance and usability.

JVC DLA-HD550-950-990

New for 2010 is JVC’s double-speed 120Hz Clear Motion Drive technology to reduce motion blurring, and a new screen adjustment mode to optimize the projector for different screen types – features available on all six new models. Four of the six new projectors – DLA-RS35, DLA-RS25, DLA-HD990 and DLA-HD950 – offer JVC’s new original picture modes, which provides advanced processing that adjusts for the different way that projectors process color compared to the color mixture method used in film. As a result, the projector delivers the subtle nuances typically associated only with a movie theater presentation. What’s more, these same four new models are certified by ISF and so include an ISF C3 mode so they can be professionally calibrated.

All six new projectors use JVC-developed 0.7-inch full HD D-ILA devices and the company’s wire-grid optical engine. These key technologies combine to deliver unprecedented native contrast, meaning that there is no dynamic iris to artificially inflate contrast specifications. As a result, the projectors simultaneously deliver true blacks and extraordinary luminance detail.


The pinnacle of this performance is found in the new DLA-RS35 and DLA-HD990. These projectors offer the highest performance yet of any D-ILA home theater projector, with a native contrast ratio of 70,000:1. This unparalleled performance is achieved in part by using components that are made to the most exacting of tolerances. This includes the selection of only the highest performing optical assemblies, the selection and matching of the D-ILA devices, and final adjustment by highly trained JVC technicians. In addition, the DLA-RS35 and DLA-HD990 come with a three year warranty.

Native contrast ratio specifications for the other new projectors are:

DLA-HD550 – 30,000:1

DLA-RS15 – 32,000:1

DLA-RS25/DLA-HD950 – 50,000:1

The top four models – DLA-RS35, DLA-HD990, DLA-RS25 and DLA-HD950 – are all THX Certified (for all worldwide markets) to ensure accurate and exceptional picture quality in the home theater environment. With strict attention to image quality and signal processing performance, THX certification promises that these projectors are capable of presenting a wide range of video content at maximum resolutions with the correct color and luminance levels. In addition, THX has created a battery of signal processing tests that challenge the projector’s scaling, motion conversion and de-interlacing capabilities. This type of in-depth analysis predicts how the projectors will present a variety of high definition and standard definition content.


These same four models also feature color management that interpolates colors individually by R, G, B, C, Y, or M, in three separate axes of color phase, chroma saturation and brightness. Up to three customized color settings can be stored for future use.

Features shared by all six new projectors include:

  • Three JVC-developed D-ILA devices (red, green, blue) for a naturally rich, flicker-free picture;
  • HQV Reon-VX video processor developed by Silicon Optix to ensure excellent image reproduction with precision I/P conversion and scaling;
  • A high-performance 1.4 – 2.8:1 zoom lens with motorized focus features a large diameter, all-glass lens system with 16 elements in 17 groups that includes an ED lens to project a full HD image with exceptional depth and minimal chromatic aberration;
  • Manual adjustment of the gamma curve via an on-screen display, allowing the viewer to adjust projector luminance levels by either increasing contrast in scenes that are too dark or dimming washed-out scenes to ensure precise brightness levels suited to individual preferences or viewing conditions. Up to three settings can be adjusted and stored for future use;
  • Flexible set-up with a ±80 percent vertical and ±34 percent horizontal motorized lens shift function that allows the projected picture to be moved horizontally or vertically via the remote control.

Other features include an external 12-volt trigger (not available on the DLA-HD550) that can be used to automatically raise and lower a screen or draw curtains, or it can be linked to engaging the V-Stretch mode and move an optional anamorphic wide screen lens system into place. Also, an automatic lens cover opens and closes with power on/off.

All six projectors comply with HDMI version 1.3 (Deep Color/CEC) specifications, which provide for billions of colors and reproduce subtler shades of grey, and CEC compatibility for system control.

The new JVC D-ILA projectors begin delivery in September, 2009 at the following prices:

DLA-RS35/DLA-HD990: $10,000.00

DLA-RS25/DLA-HD950: $8,000.00

DLA-RS15: $5,500.00

DLA-HD550: $5,000.00

Source: JVC