Virgin Media’s fibre optic broadband is closer than you imagine

Virgin Media’s fibre optic broadband is closer than you imagine

Having the latest and greatest computer hardware is definitely an exciting thing – you can run any software program you want, you can play any game at stunning frames per second, you can enjoy the best technologies in the computer industry and, of course, you can brag about it to your friends. But can you imagine having a great computer without Internet access? We bet you can’t.

The Internet has become a ubiquitous thing in our lives because it offers a lot of opportunities and then it eases our lives a lot. Of course we are not talking about any Internet access as you definitely need a stable and fast connection – after all if you have to wait 10 minutes for a web page to open this is not fun at all. Well, if you live in the UK, you now have a great way to solve your Internet connection problems – simply sign up for Virgin Media’s fibre optic broadband service and enjoy ultra fast Internet connection speeds.

The choice is easy – Virgin Broadband has been rated UK’s Number 1 service when it comes to Internet access and this rating is official, coming from Ofcom’s 2013 report. According to Ofcom, Virgin Broadband has the fastest average broadband download speeds widely available to customers. This is so thanks to an extensive network of fibre optic cables, which is the most reliable and fastest way to get data from one place to another.

In addition to that in 2014 Virgin Broadband won not one but three uSwitch Broadband Awards when it comes to broadband services – they have the Fastest Broadband, Best Broadband Provider and Best Customer Rated Broadband awards. This is not everything – the company now offers the new amazing Super Hub, which is faster than similar models from TalkTalk, Sky and BT. You can have it for free given you sign up for any up to 100 Mb or up to 152 Mb broadband package.

Here’s a quick look at the plans you can get. The simple Broadband package will give you broadband on its own from up to 50 Mb and there’s no need for a phone line. This plan will cost you GBP 26.50 per month for a 12-year contract. If this plan does not satisfy you then you can take a look at the Big Connection plan – it gives you superfast broadband from up to 50 Mb, a great choice of talk plans and free installation that is worth GBP 49.95. This plan will cost you just GBP 10 per month for 12 months and then you will have to pay GBP 15.50 a month. You can also get a Virgin phone line for GBP 15.99 per month. Finally we have the Big Bundles that give you broadband, TV, phone and mobile SIM in a Big Bundle. This package includes digital TV with TiVo, superfast fibre optic broadband, included calls and mobile SIM – all together for the first time.

No matter which package you get, there are additional features that come to you. For example Web Safe is active on your home network and protects your family from inappropriate online content or malicious web sites. You also get 5 GB of free storage in Virgin Media Cloud to store all the information you want including photos, video files, music and data and then access them from anywhere with any device. The Super Hub will bring you unbeatable speeds and coverage and then you can download content as much as you want at any time.

Let’s face it – nowadays you can’t live without fast Internet access. The fact is that the faster your broadband speed is, the more you’ll be able to do online no matter what you do – gaming, shopping, transferring data, downloading content, you name it. So say goodbye to painfully slow Internet connections and re-discover the Internet with Virgin Media’s super Internet access deals now!

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