Mercteil Takes the Entertainment System to the Rear Seat

Air conditioner, audio, navigation, phone… entertainment systems have become so popular in cars because they concentrate the access to many functions in a single system. In fact, they are so many in modern cars that the word “infotainment” has been created to describe them more accurately.

Over the years, companies have also made an effort to create user-friendly interfaces. After all, the intention is for people to access what they need in a quick and safe manner, especially considering the driver while the car is moving. Latest systems are quite similar to smartphones in that regard.

An interesting development of that product is commonly named “rear seat entertainment system”. In other words, a device specifically created for occupants who are not driving the car. Mercedes Benz has just created a model of that, which Mercteil is proud to make available on its online store.

What is Rear Entertainment System?

Years ago, we used to cope with long road trips primarily by listening to music. Once digital media players became popular, we began to plug our headphones and forget about the rest of the world while enjoying music individually or even a movie or episodes of our favorite TV show.

Entertainment systems were designed because of that. People who are not driving the car do not need to worry about navigation instructions or vital signs of the car, especially children, so it was possible to develop a specific system whose functions are effectively focused on entertainment.

Mercedes Benz’s brand new system has music and video functions along with CD/DVD players and AV and USB connectors. This way, you will be able to enjoy your favorite media and even plug in a videogame console without every worrying about compatibility. But there is more, of course.

How does it work?

The system has two screens which are attached to each headrest of the front seats. It comes with two pairs of wireless headphones, a remote control, and all the necessary parts for installation and mounting. The intention is to offer independent entertainment for two people at the same time.

Both screens have high definition and a diagonal size of 17.8 cm. They use a mounting system with articulations for you to find the perfect position and offer a remote control for your convenience. While the wireless headphones come in black, you are free to connect others if you prefer.

Normally, electronic devices like that have limited compatibility, which makes them annoying to use. Mercedes Benz has addressed that issue by making this rear entertainment system proper to install in a long list of models produced since 1997. We have the full list available on our website.

How can I find the system on Mercteil? has a complete catalog of the parts we offer. Although there are many, it is easy to browse because we have a filtering system with which you can only visualize what you are looking for. You may also like to know that all those parts are genuine and we offer worldwide shipping.

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