The History of Mobile Phones


Have you ever thought how many times per day you talk on your mobile phone? And can you imagine a world with no cell phones? Now in year 2016 we kind of doubt it.

Yet just 20 years ago having a mobile phone was something of a feat and if you rewind just another decade you could say that in 1986 having a cell phone was something almost out of this world. So as you can see the history of mobile phones is not that long but despite this there are a lot of truly exciting moments.

It is really difficult to say when the first mobile phone appeared but the year 1984 would be a great guess. This was the year when the US company Motorola released the DynaTAC 8000x portable phone, which is likely the first ever mobile phone in the world. Well, mobile is probably an exaggeration – the device weighted 784 grams and measured 300 x 44 x 89 mm. These dimensions made it a big device and as if this was not enough the DynaTAC 8000x took 10 hours to recharge, offered just 30 minutes of talk time, remembered just 30 phone numbers and cost USD 3995, which is the equivalent of more than USD 10 000 nowadays. How does all this sound?

Fortunately in the 1990s mobile phones became much smaller and cheaper. Twenty-two years ago the unknown Finnish company Nokia released the 2110 model, which was the first device to come with the famous Nokia Tune. Just a few years later the 2110 model was followed by the iconic Nokia 6110 mobile phone, which not only came with the Nokia Tune but featured the insanely addictive Snake game where you had to grow the longest snake ever, if you could, of course. Even nowadays Snake can give you a great rush and can take you back in time to the old good days when you were trying to outscore your friends on this game. In fact most mobile phones by Nokia still come with this app.

Of course in the late 1990s and in the 2000s many new mobile phones followed, which were then superseded by smartphones. It would take a really long time to describe all the great mobile phones of the 1990s and the 2000s, phones that gradually took us to the connected world of today. So we suggest that you visit and click on the History of Mobile Phones web page here to get more information on the devices that are in our pockets. We guarantee that you will be surprised how much information there is. Moreover all the facts are presented in an interactive way. For instance, you can highlight cool things on the infographic and feel the nostalgia towards the good old times. And, of course, you can learn a lot of cool facts about the history of mobile phones. They are not as boring as they seem!

We will just say “Have fun reading” but we are sure you will enjoy what you will get to see just as much as we did. And when you read all the information there, stop for a second and think how much mobile phones have changed in recent years. They will keep on changing so a really bright future lies ahead of us. Isn’t this really exciting? And what would we say in 10 years?