Zanteng introduce Vehicle Safeguard GV6330

Chinese manufacturer Zanteng International rolls out a new product called Vehicle Safeguard GV6330, which you install in a car to protects you from any possible driving situation by providing the strong evidence, as well can record a movie of your journey.

Vehicle SafeGuard GV6330 can record 720×480 videos with 25 ~ 30 frames per second, has a 2-inch (320x240pixels TFT-LCD) and a built-in microphone. The camera also have a micro SD card to store the recordings, which supports up to 32GB. It is powered via cable, which is plug into the cigar-lighter and also can operate with batteries, which allows you to mount it on any other transportation, including on your bike, or just in your garden, to spy your neighbours.

Vehicle Safeguard GV6330

Vehicle Safeguard GV6330

Vehicle Safeguard GV6330

Vehicle Safeguard GV6330

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