Get even more from your favourite music: New WALKMAN® line-up gets you closer still to perfect sound

NWZ-S730This season’s colourful new WALKMAN® range from Sony is all about getting closer. Closer to the original sound. Closer to the way you download and enjoy your music. And closer to the best quality video content. In short, the new WALKMAN® is everything you want from an MP3 player.

S series

Bursting with cutting-edge technology, new S series WALKMAN® Video MP3 players let you enjoy your personal media collection with unrivalled quality and convenience.

Just 7.5mm thin, this super-light S series is the slimmest WALKMAN® ever. Its slender lines are complemented by a bright, high-contrast 2-inch QVGA LCD that gives a crystal-clear view of your digital media collection. Videos look stunning thanks to the screen’s quick response time, with smooth playback at up to 30 frames per second and selectable horizontal/vertical viewing.

The colourful new interface can be personalised with your choice from ten pre-installed wallpaper images or your favourite digital photo. In a first for WALKMAN®, all your podcasts are now conveniently grouped together under a single icon on the home menu for quick access.

The format-friendly WALKMAN® S series broadens options for enjoying tunes from all popular download stores and your personal music collection. Supplied Content Transfer software simplifies ‘drag & drop’ transfer of music, videos, podcasts and playlists from iTunes® to WALKMAN® (DRM files not transferred). If you’re migrating your collection of ripped tracks from another MP3 player, there’s no need to re-rip all your tunes from CD.

Support for a wide range of major audio and video codecs is now enhanced by compatibility for WMV with DRM, letting you enjoy rights-protected movies and video clips from other media collections.

The WALKMAN® S series is the first ever MP3 player that matches your listening to your mood or the moment. Based on Sony’s “12 Tone Analysis” technology and “LCMIR (Low-Complexity Music Information Retrieval)” technology, unique SensMe™ Channels analyse your music collection, suggesting playlists based on each song’s speed, mood and rhythm. There’s no need to spend hours tagging and sorting every track in your music collection. SensMe™ Channels do the hard work, creating a choice of 11 themed ‘channels’, from upbeat pop to emotional ballads.

In another WALKMAN® first, S series models will come pre-loaded with 8 video tracks from hot Sony BMG artists including Chris Brown, Sandi Thom and The Ting Tings.

The new S series is also the best-sounding WALKMAN® ever, thanks to a suite of four Sony-developed Clear Audio technologies complemented by superb 13.5mm EX headphones.

The NWZ-S730F series features a new 3-way noise cancelling system that works in conjunction with the 13.5mm EX headphones to shut out background distractions when you’re commuting, flying high… or just lost in your own world of sound. Air travellers can connect the S730F directly to the plane’s AV system and enjoy their regular in-flight entertainment with the bonus of high-quality noise cancellation.

E series

With ultra-modern looks in a choice of four chic colour finishes, there’s a WALKMAN® E series video MP3 player to suit everyone’s lifestyle.

The slim, light E series adds sparkling video quality to legendary WALKMAN® audio performance. The high-resolution 2-inch QVGA LCD screen offers superb brightness and contrast. It’s perfect for enjoying your favourite photos and video clips that can be ‘flipped’ horizontally or vertically for comfortable viewing.

Like the S series, all E series models are ‘format friendly’, playing back most of your ripped tracks, music store downloads and rights-managed video clips without fuss. Files can be transferred by drag & drop from iTunes® to WALKMAN® (DRM files not transferred).

Simple file management is complemented by a user-friendly interface and ultra-long battery life in a superb value package that looks as good as it sounds.

B series

Your entry to the exciting world of WALKMAN® sound quality is more affordble than ever. Available in a choice of four fashion colours, the ultra-portable B series connects directly to your PC’s USB port for fuss-free drag & drop file transfers.

Like all other WALKMAN® models, open support for a wide range of popular formats means you’re free to buy, copy and manage your music wherever and however you want.

The stylish design is enhanced by an eye-catching illuminator that pulses in time with the music when the new Bass button is pressed. Alongside an FM radio for enjoying your favourite stations (NWZ-B130F series), there’s even a new voice recorder that’s great for capturing memos, shopping lists or random thoughts while you’re on the move.

The new WALKMAN® S series, E series and B series models will be available in stores from October and to pre-order online from Sony Style from September.

WALKMAN is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.
iTunes is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.
SensMe is a trademark or a registered trademark of Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB.

The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trade marks of their respective owners.

* Noise cancelling function is included only in S730F series.

** Music playback times are approximate for MP3 / 128kbps, with Equalizer set to “None”; and screensaver type set to “Blank”.

*** Video playback times are approximate for MPEG-4 / 384 kbps, with brightness of common setting to ‘3’.

WALKMAN® NWZ-S630F/S730F series Video MP3 Player

  • Best-ever WALKMAN® sound quality from Noise Cancelling, DSEE, Clear Bass and Clear Stereo technologies with 13.5mm EX headphones*
  • Automatically create playlists to match your mood with new SensMe™ Channels
  • Transfer, store and enjoy music and video in most of your favourite formats
  • Easily transfer music, videos, podcasts & playlists from iTunes® to WALKMAN® (DRM files not transferred)
  • ‘Format friendly’ support for a wide range of major video/audio codecs
  • Various kinds of wall paper: 10 kinds of pre-installed colourful wall papers or select favourite photos in Walkman
  • Bright, clear 2-inch QVGA LCD screen with colourful new user interface
  • Ultra-long battery life (up to 40hr** music / 10hr*** video)
  • 3-way noise-cancelling technology (S730F only)
  • Includes 8 pre-loaded music videos from Sony BMG artists

WALKMAN® NWZ-E430F series Video MP3 Player

  • ‘Format friendly’ support for a wide range of major video/audio codecs
  • Clear, easy-to-view 2-inch QVGA LCD screen
  • Ultra-long battery life (up to 45 hr** music / 8 hr*** video)
  • Simple drag & drop transfers from iTunes® to WALKMAN® (DRM files not transferred)

WALKMAN® NWZ-B130/B130F series MP3 Player

  • Great value with superb WALKMAN® sound
  • Quick charge and long battery life (up to 16 hr** music)
  • Simple drag-and-drop file transfers via USB
  • New features include bass boost, FM radio (B130F only) and voice recorder