ASUS lowers motherboard prices

ASUS lowers motherboard prices

Competition in the motherboard market has reached new heights thanks to an unusual move by the largest motherboard maker in the world – ASUS. The famous Taiwanese company has decided to lower the prices of its motherboards by 5-10 per cent, a move that is in effect immediately, in an attempt to remain the leader on the motherboard market.

The new decision directly targets Gigabyte, which is the second largest motherboard manufacturer and vendor. This might mean that this year Gigabyte will fall short of its goal to sell 21.5 million motherboards, selling 20 million units instead. As to ASUS, the company has shipped 10.4 million motherboards in H1 2014; the company plans to sell 22.1 million board by the end of the year. Of course Gigabyte might also lower its prices but this remains to be seen.

Well, we have to admit – now might be the best time to get the ASUS motherboard you’ve wanted in a long time.

Source: Digitimes

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