Toshiba shipping three new lines of LCD TVs

toshiba-55sv670uToshiba America Consumer Products L.L.C. (“Toshiba”), a market leader in LCD TVs, today announced that it is now shipping its premium REGZA(R) HDTV Series, including the highly acclaimed ZV650 LCD TV, and state-of-the-art SV670 LED TV. These new series combine the most advanced picture technology with stunning designs, creating a highly immersive viewing experience that improves and extends home entertainment in new and exciting ways.

As a leader in technology, Toshiba designed its new REGZA line of premium LCD TVs to elevate the viewing experience to the next level by using its unmatched processing power to create all-new levels of picture quality. In addition, next-generation connectivity and industry-leading cosmetic design were added to create a new REGZA experience.

Toshiba 55sv670u

REGZA models set themselves apart with a litany of cutting-edge picture technology features such as the new FocaLight LED Backlight with Local Dimming for superlative picture contrast, ClearScan 240 motion enhancement with Backlight Scanning for amazing picture clarity with fast-motion video, and the enhanced REGZA Engine with PixelPure 5G 14-bit video processing, Resolution+ super resolution technology, and AutoView histogram controlled automatic picture adjustment.

In addition to picture quality enhancements, these new REGZA series also offer a comprehensive suite of next-generation connectivity features including a USB port, SD card Slot, 4 HDMI inputs with InstaPort and REGZA-LINK, IR Pass-Through Port, and high-resolution PC input.

To ensure that the sound quality is as enjoyable as the picture quality, Toshiba has also included new Dolby Volume sound leveling, and Audyssey EQ. Toshiba is the first TV company to incorporate new Dolby Volume, a technology that solves a real-world problem by utilizing human psycho-acoustic algorithms to ensure a consistent volume level, even during commercials or when changing channels.

“Toshiba LCD TV market share has seen a meteoric rise from just 4.1 percent in November 2007 to 11.4 percent in April 2009,”* said Scott Ramirez, vice president of Marketing at Toshiba. “For 2009, we developed and incorporated a wide range of advanced, robust technologies to create an all-new level of REGZA LCD TV. We didn’t just make LED TV; we innovated by utilizing superior Local Dimming. We didn’t just utilize higher frame rates; we innovated by adding new Backlight Scanning Technology. We didn’t just wrap everything in high-gloss black; we innovated by creating the stunning new Deep Lagoon Design with Infinity Flush Front. The new REGZA is more than our dealers and consumers expected, and the response has been nothing short of amazing.”

REGZA XV648 – Deep High Contrast in All Light Conditions

A new addition to the 2009 REGZA lineup, the XV648 Series offers extra features that truly make a difference. Extra room light can lower the contrast on some TVs, but Toshiba’s new CrystalCoat(TM) technology stops ambient room light reflections from washing out the picture, creating 30 percent better contrast in bright rooms.** In addition, Dolby Volume technology ensures a consistent volume level when changing channels or during commercials. The result is improved picture and sound quality for an enhanced home theater experience.

The REGZA XV648 will be available in 40-inch, 46-inch and 52-inch screen sizes.

REGZA ZV650 – Clarity in Fast Motion

The ZV650 Series takes things to the next level with enhanced fast-motion picture quality, next-generation connectivity, and unique cosmetic design.


Toshiba’s new ClearScan 240 technology combines 120 frames per second with advanced Backlight Scanning Technology to create a 240Hz effect. Far superior to 60 Hz or standard 120 Hz systems, ClearScan 240 provides amazing picture clarity with fast-motion video that is perfect for sports enthusiasts and action movie buffs. This new system also helps the ZV650 series attain its high 100,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, combining amazing picture clarity and incredible picture depth.

In addition, Toshiba wants to make connecting source devices and watching content simple and flexible. Therefore, the ZV650 incorporates an expanded array of connectivity features including a USB port for playback of digital video, audio and picture files, an SD card slot for playback of digital picture files by simply taking the SD card from the camera and inserting it into the TV, four HDMI Inputs with InstaPort for faster switching and REGZA-LINK for two-way device control, an IR Pass-Through Port to control source devices that may be hidden in a cabinet or closet, and a high-resolution PC input that allows you to use the TV as a big-screen PC monitor for multimedia or gaming.

REGZA ZV650 is available in 42-inch, 47-inch and new 55-inch screen sizes (measured diagonally at 42 inches, 47 inches and 54.6 inches respectively).

REGZA SV670 – The Toshiba LED Difference

The SV670 Cinema Series LED TV Series is the next generation of REGZA, and the next generation of LED TV. While some LED TVs utilize standard edge LED, the SV670 incorporates superior FocaLight Full Matrix LED with Local Dimming. The full matrix creates better brightness uniformity. More importantly, the local dimming allows deep blacks without sacrificing peak white brightness for an all-new level of picture quality with a previously unattainable 2M:1 dynamic contrast.


A new level of picture quality deserves a new level of design, so the SV670 series is the first to incorporate the Deep Lagoon Design with the Infinity Flush Front. Inspired by nature, Deep Lagoon evokes the image of sand disappearing below the surface of calm shores. The unique Infinity Flush Front then adds an edge-to-edge anti-reflective front panel, reminiscent of an infinity pool. Together, these new design elements create a stunning appearance that stands out on a sales floor, and will accentuate any home decor.

The SV670 is available in 46-inch and 55-inch screen sizes (measured diagonally at 46 inches and 54.6 inches respectively).

Pricing and Availability:

REGZA XV648 Cinema Series LCD TV Series
40XV648U (available August 2009, MSRP $1,099.99)
46XV648U (available August 2009, MSRP $1,499.99)
52XV648U (available August 2009, MSRP $1,999.99)

42ZV650U (available June 2009, MSRP $1,299.99)
47ZV650U (available June 2009, MSRP $1,699.99)
55ZV650U (available June 2009, MSRP $2,399.99)

REGZA SV670 Cinema Series LED TV Series
46SV670U (available June 2009, MSRP $2,299.99)
55SV670U (available June 2009, MSRP $2,999.99)

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