Roller Polar

Roller Polar is another simple game that we encountered on Google Play. The game is so simple you can start playing it in less than a minute and then try to score as many points as possible.

What is Roller Polar all about? The game is about a bear in trouble that tries to balance itself on a rolling snowball. The problem is that the snowball picks up stones, trees and other garbage from the ground and then hurls it at you. Your goal is to avoid all these dangerous items by jumping. In other words the game is a jumper game, which requires quick fingers, a sharp eye and some luck.

The game does not have any significant drawbacks except for one – graphics. They are simply obsolete and if you play Roller Polar you will feel like you have used a time machine to get you to the early 1990s. Everything is in simple colors and you can see huge pixels. Maybe the developers have to think a bit on this issue.

Apart from this Roller Polar is nothing special. It is a game that will help you kill some time but this is it. But then again not everyone wants to play games with 100+ levels inside, tons of options and complicated game play. If you are looking for a simple game then maybe Roller Polar is for you.

The game is here on Google Play.