Splitfish outs FRAGFX Shark, Barracuda and Piranha FPS controllers

Splitfish announced today that their PlayStation 3, PC and Mac compatible gaming FPS friendly peripherals – FRAGFX Shark, Barracuda and Piranha are now available.

Their controllers are designed specially to gives you that same PC style game-play on the PS3, for more accurate and easier aiming  than a standard PS3 controller. The FRAGFX Shark is consist of  “fragchuck” controller with SixAxis support and a wireless mousepad with 1750 DPI, they feature full PC and MAC support, either as a gamepad or mouse/keyboard control, fast access to special features (eg macro, rapid-fire, button swap, stick swap, etc.) and a power conserving technology which allows 50+ hours of gaming time and 500 + hours on standby only by a single AA battery in each – split fragchuck and mouse.

SplitFish FRAGFX Shark

The other two propose are the wired FRAGFX Piranha and the FRAGFX Barracuda, which offer following features:

FRAGFX Barracuda

  • Frevolution System Wired
  • Customizable button mapping
  • Programmable motion override (trigger buttons with motion)
  • Adjustable Rapid Fire • Exclusive FRAG button precision control
  • Premium gaming mouse with adjustable anolog button sensitivity
  • On the fly Mouse sensitivity for ultimate control
  • Full Sixaxis support

FRAGFX Barracuda

FRAGFX Piranha

  • Customizable button mapping
  • Adjustable Rapid Fire
  • Exclusive FRAG button precision control
  • Precision Gaming Mouse with adjustable anolog button sensitivity
  • On the fly Mouse sensitivity for ultimate control
  • Wired for exceptional performance
  • No SIXAXIS Support

FRAGFX Piranha

The FRAGFX Shark($89.99), Barracuda(69.99) and Piranha($49.99) are available to be purchased online at the www.SPLITFISH.com website and for USA AND CANADA at www.AMAZON.com

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