Hynix manufactures first 8 Gbit LPDDR4 memory for smartphones

The South Korean memory maker Hynix has announced the first use of its high-end 8 Gbit LPDDR4 memory, designed and manufactured for smartphones. The new memory, which happens to be an industry’s first, is made on 20 nm tech process and features high performance, low power consumption and increased density.

Performance-wise the new LPDDR4 memory reaches 3200 MB/sec of memory bandwidth at 1.1V, while the current widely used LPDDR3 memory provides 1600 MB/sec at 1.2V. The new memory is not used anywhere as of now but unofficially the new LG G Flex2 smartphone is already equipped with it.

Analysts expect the new memory to achieve greater market penetration this year when smartphones with 4 GB of RAM become more popular. Market dominance of LPDDR4 is expected next year.

Source: Hynix