Why do Smartphones have Screens so Large?

When the first cell phones were released, they were huge, bulky pieces of equipment with only the basic functions and a limited battery life. In time they have become smaller, their batteries have grown more powerful, and the number of their functions have increased tenfold. Then the smartphone revolution started – Apple released the iPhone, a pocket-size computer with no physical buttons and a large touch screen, and things changed. But the iPhone had a small screen – it had the size of a usual phone, albeit thinner. It was perfect for using with one hand, fit for any pocket. For years Apple didn’t want to make the smartphone larger, keeping it usable for most hands.

But then something happened – Android phones have started growing uncontrollably. 4″ screens are perfect for most goals, from business to entertainment, and will comfortably fit in most pockets. But people wanted larger screens, so today’s monsters – the phablets – slowly came to being. And the one reason for which these people wanted large screens (finally getting Apple to give in and launch a big screen iPhone) is gaming.

Mobile gaming has become one of the biggest industries since video games have been invented. People play social games, puzzles, shooters, even racing games on the go. Among them we can find a series of mobile casino games, too – a hugely popular part of the real money gaming industry. If a few years ago online casinos had nothing for their mobile players, today Euro Palace Casino has a game library of over 80 titles aimed specifically at them. The Euro Palace has attacked on multiple fronts – it has released native apps on iOS and browser-based games for the rest of the mobile platforms. Now it gets several mobile game releases each month. Occasionally the Euro Palace will even run promotions aimed specifically on its mobile users, and continuously expand its offer. It also explores new grounds when it comes to mobility – one of Euro Palace’s sister casinos was the first to launch an Android Wear slot machine, with more to follow soon.

People love to play games on the go, and they are willing to pay good money for a larger screen handset. Just like they are willing to spend heaps of cash inside their favorite mobile games. Mobile titles like Clash of Clans or Game of War – Fire Age generate seven-figure revenues for their publishers day after day, and this data is only covering their use on the iPhone – and only in the US.

By growing over 5.5″ the smartphone screen has reached its largest size. Screen size and phone hardware are at their best today – now maybe it would be time to work a bit on battery life.