1TB, Dual Digital TV Tuner, Blu-Ray, DLNA, YouTube compatible, here you are the latest Panasonic’s DVR


Panasonic unveiled this afternoon 3 new DVRs (Digital TV Recorder) with the DMR-BW95, DMR-BW850 and DMR-BW750 (1TB, 500GB and 320GB respectively).

With all the same features : Dual Digital TV Tuner, Blu-Ray burner, DLNA Support giving you the possibility to access recorder TV programs from your PC or PS3 for example, WanSeg TV Tuner giving you the possibility to directly record video 100% compatible with YouTube.
The high-end version, the 1TB version will be sold in Japan for 250 000 Yen (1980€)

Source: Akihabara News