Real Boxing

Real Boxing

It is Saturday again and we are ready to present a few more Android games that can help you spend your weekend in a better way. This time we have chosen one Android game that has been sitting on the top Google Play App page for a long time, which is a clear indicator it needs some attention.

The app is called Real Boxing and as the name of the game suggests it is all about the manly, dynamic and violent sport of boxing. The main goal of this game is simple – it wants to immerse you as deep as possible in the most realistic boxing atmosphere ever. Of course as with everything else this does not come at no cost – Real Boxing is the largest Android app we have seen. At 295 MB this app calls for a stable Wi-Fi connection and then a powerful Android device. The reason for this size and these hardware requirements is that Real Boxing makes use of the popular Unreal engine, which needs hardware power. On the other hand this means you will get great graphics and Real Boxing does deliver it – the game features the most realistic graphics we have seen. It is also needless to say that everything is in 3D.

The gameplay is also more than dynamic. Once you run the game you will have to complete a tutorial that will teach you how to play it. Believe us, there’s a reason to complete the tutorial as Real Boxing is not as easy to play as it seems. Once you finish, you are good to go so enter a name for your character and then choose an opponent. Unfortunately the game does not feature real, living boxers as their names might be copyright-protected and you will have to fight fictional characters. This is a minor drawback, though as everything else is top notch. We’ll give you a hint how to win a game – be quick and very precise when landing blows or you are doomed. In addition Real Boxing is full of options and other nice features so the game can adjust to your needs as well. The 295 MB of space have definitely paid off.

Real Boxing is very real. In fact this is one of the best games we have reviewed so far and we are talking of a long time period. The only problem you might have is if you are not into boxing. If this is not the case then Real Boxing is for you. Period.

Real Boxing is here on Google Play.

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