Spire presents new air filters for PC chassis

Spire presents new air filters for PC chassis

Personal computers usually have a number of cooling fans inside that keep system components cool and prolong their lives. The problem with fans is that along with air, they tend to get dust inside PC cases that then accumulates on components and worsens cooling. Clearly a solution to this situation is needed and this solution is called air filter.

The popular maker of PC coolers and cooling fans Spire is well aware of the issue and this is the reason why the company has created the new DustGuard dust filters. The new product line consists of three models that include 80 mm, 90 mm and 120 mm filters that can be taken out and then washed in water in case of need. In addition to that Spire says the DustGuard filters do not interfere with air flow.

The good news is that these filters are not that expensive. An 80 mm DustGuard filter sells for USD 5.35, while the 90 mm and 120 mm models cost USD 6.75 and USD 7.99 respectively. All DustGuard filters also arrive with a 2-year warranty.

Source: Spire

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