Mobile Gaming is the Future of Gambling

Technology has evolved tremendously over the last few decades in a way that has changed the way we function in the world. They way in which we communicate, work and simply live is all influenced by how we utilize the technologies available to us. Like all things, gaming is no different throughout this evolution, moving from console gaming to mobile gaming dramatically over the last few years. This significant shift speaks to a growing trend in gambling as well, which seems to foreshadow a future for gambling gameplay that is propelled by mobile gaming.

The increase in wifi accessibility and smartphone production is sure to lead to mobile gambling’s popularity in the coming years. Over the last few years, we’ve seen games being more accessible to players via the mobile stream. This, in turn, is said to be the greatest shift for the gambling industry, changing the way in which online gambling is enjoyed. In fact, the vast majority of people access their phones multiple times a way, for multiple reasons, and such is the case for those looking to play and gamble. Considering the online gambling market has quickly grown into maturation, it’s no wonder operators are eager to leverage the mobile channel for a fresh, new and exciting way for players to partake in the games they love most.

The main reason this shift has taken place is due to convenience. Societies have become less patient and seek for efficient ways to go about daily life, whether this entails how people communicate, how they run errands or, in fact, how they entertain themselves. Smartphones and tablets are easy to use and relatively stress-free to handle. Unlike consoles that are clunky and laptops or desktops which can be arduous to carry and transport, phones are small devices that are convenient for the everyday person. It makes sense for operators to be looking into ways to monetize this notion and bring entertainment to the players themselves. Providing games on mobile phones is the only way for people to enjoy them, hassle-free.

However, a compatibility issue arises when looking into gambling apps for smartphones. The key difference between website-driven versus app-driven games is that websites tend to be more compatible with all devices while app-driven games are usually played best on the mobile device the app was designed for. Apps also tend to require software updates or downloads while web-based versions do not. Consequently, the additional push notifications that come with apps tend to incentivize players to bet and place wages which is an interesting behavioral component that web-based versions of these games are lacking.

Additionally, the greatest challenge app developers for casino games seem to face is recreating the same environment, gameplay and general aesthetic of the desktop version. Even the best mobile casino owes its success to the fact that developers were able to clearly mimic the overall gameplay of its web-based version. It’s necessary for developers to maintain the original feel and look of the desktop version as gamblers tend to gravitate towards games they’ve grown to enjoy. The technology might change, or the way in which it’s enjoyed might evolve, but the main characteristics should be preserved to maintain player loyalty.

Considering 80% of adults use a smartphone, it’s clear that the future of gambling lies within the mobile channel. Operators must continue working hard to maintain a smooth transition for loyal players, which might be more difficult due to differing technologies. However, if gambling sites want to stay afloat in a society that evolves drastically, then they must recognize that their future success is highly reliant on humans’ dependency on its cellphones.

Image source: Google Images