Moy Zoo

Zoos are fun – they are a place where you go to have fun, see exotic animals, spend time with friends and family and more… They are also a good way to make money and exhibit your management skills. A game studio by the name of Frojo Apps knows this and hence a game is born – meet Moy Zoo.

The main idea behind this free Android app is to give you the opportunity to build your own zoo and then manage it. You are given an empty spot of land and then some in-game icons that do the job for you like place a zoo cage, an animal, some more amenities like ice cream shops, trash cans and more. To build all this you need money and the game is kind enough to bring you some – every few second you get 20 gold, which helps a lot. Once you have built some zoo cages the first visitors will come in and will bring you even more money. The game has levels as well and once you get to higher levels you will have access to more animals and more amenities to use.

This is what Moy Zoo is all about. The game is not hard at all and will appeal to people who like to manage things. It is also suitable for children who want to know how money is made and who want to learn to manage businesses. The game is in 2D only but this does not hurt it at all. In addition there’s some nice music that adds to the gameplay. In a few words Moy Zoo is a nice game that will teach you a thing or two.

This free Android app is here on Google Play.