Tiny Warriors

Tiny Warriors looks like an action game but it is not – in fact this app belongs to the “match several candies” genre. Surprise!

Yes, this is what the game is all about. You will be given numerous levels to complete and during each level you will have to match colorful objects (not candies this time) in order to destroy them, score points and ultimately meet the level requirements in order to proceed. We have to give Tiny Warriors some credit though – you can choose a character to play with and each one of them has special abilities when things get tough. This is some fresh air in this genre. Apart from this get ready for 2D graphics and decent sound but the app does not surprise with anything else.

Is Tiny Warriors any good? Well, the game brings more of the same and the only thing that saves it is the addition of special abilities. Apart from this Tiny Warriors is another matching game of the ones that we have been playing for years now.

Tiny Warriors is here on Google Play.