ASUS Delivers Easy yet Exciting Entertainment with High Definition Home Entertainment Solutions

asushigh-definition-home-entertainment-solutionsASUS, the leading provider of integrated Home Entertainment PC solutions, today unveiled an innovative suite of entertainment solutions for home users. Slim, stunningly beautiful, and incorporating the latest standards in dynamic home entertainment, the solutions include the ultra-slim ASUS LS and MS Series monitors, the versatile ASUS 24T1E TV Monitor that receives both analog and digital TV signals, the convenient ASUS O!Play HDP-R1 HD Media Player that supports a wide array of media formats, the aurally superior ASUS Xonar Essence ST audio card which minimizes jitters for clearer and crisper audio output, and the highly portable ASUS External Slim Blu-ray Optical Disk Drives for high quality, high definition entertainment on the go.

ASUS LS and MS Series: Ultra Slim Monitors with Ergo-Fit Technology

Boasting impressive super slim profiles, ASUS LS and MS Series monitors are elegant design pieces that deliver surprisingly captivating visuals. Their full high definition resolution, ultra-quick 2ms response time* and astounding contrast ratio of 50000:1* capture rapt audience attention with true-to-life and brilliant images. These avant-garde art pieces bear testament to ASUS’ strength in industrial design, each equipped with an innovative ring-inspired stand that incorporates the Ergo-Fit Technology for easy angle adjustment with just a finger. In addition, both the LS and MS Series adopt Green Power Technology that uses a two-lamp LCD panel to achieve greater power savings. The LS Series comprises the LS241H while the MS Series comprises the MS246, MS236, MS227, MS226 and MS202. Designed for simplicity, the LS241H includes an intuitive knob for easy access to menu settings and function controls.

ASUS LS and MS Series Ultra Slim Monitors

ASUS 24T1E TV Monitor: Double Entertainment, One Screen for Unparalleled Performance and Exceptional Versatility

Combining an LCD display with a built-in TV tuner, the ASUS 24T1E TV Monitor functions as a versatile TV, receiving digital (DVB-T) and analog (PAL / SECAM) signals. Additionally, a rich number of I/O ports allow multiple connectivity options with video devices, such as Blu-ray players and game consoles. With a pair of built-in High Definition Multimedia Interfaces (HDMI), the 24T1E supports Full HD1080p visuals for the most brilliant and exquisite images. Users will also be able to enjoy exceptional aural pleasure with virtual surround sound, delivered by a pair of powerful 7-Watt stereo speakers. The 24T1E’s versatility makes it perfectly suited to various entertainment needs.

ASUS 24T1E TV Monitor

ASUS Essentio CM: Personal Entertainment Center with Vast Entertainment Possibilities

The ASUS Essentio CM Series of personal entertainment centers delivers uncompromising multimedia entertainment to the discerning home user. Users will be treated to unprecedented levels of cinematic joy, thanks to full high definition picture quality and the ability to play HD DVDs and Blu-ray discs. The incorporation of HDMI ensures seamless connectivity with top-of-the-line audio visual equipment and multichannel audio support via a single cable. Elegant and adorned with a glossy finish, the ASUS Essentio CM Series features hidden I/O ports for a sleek appearance. It also has luminous power buttons that glow like the halo of a lunar eclipse.

ASUS Essentio CM: Personal Entertainment Center

O!Play HDP-R1 HD Media Player: Industry-leading High Definition Player for Breathtaking Home Entertainment

Entertainment aficionados can enjoy extreme multimedia fun in the comfort of their homes with the new O!Play HDP-R1 HD Media Player-an innovative home theater device. Providing stunning 1080p high definition entertainment, the O!Play HDP-R1 HD Media Player supports a wide variety of media formats including MPEG1/2/4, H.264, VC-1, and the popular RM/RMVB. With the O!Play HDP-R1, users can watch movies or instantly share videos and photos with enhanced clarity.

A first for high definition media players, the O!Play HDP-R1 also offers a dedicated music shuffle button on its remote control for easy access to a goldmine of music files. Users will be able to randomly play music tracks from multiple storage devices without manually importing music files. The O!Play HDP-R1 eliminates the need to manually transfer multimedia data between multiple devices with its comprehensive LAN support. Users simply connect the O!Player HDP-R1 to their notebooks, PCs, or even Network Attached Storage (NAS) to effortlessly stream any multimedia data to a display device. Additionally, the O!Play HDP-R1 supports huge bandwidth traffic for seamless high definition image quality with virtually no delays. With its eSATA connectivity, up to six times faster transfer speeds compared to conventional USB 2.0 connections can be achieved.

Xonar Essence ST: Brilliant Audio Reproduction of an Exceptional Pedigree

ASUS has broken the boundaries of audio purity with its newest soundcard-the ASUS Xonar Essence ST. With the world’s first precision clock tuning capability, the Xonar Essence ST minimizes audio jitter interference by 31% for clearer, crisper, and smoother audio reproduction. Available previously only in high-end living room audio equipment, precision clock tuning frees audio signals from unsynchronized input streams-resulting in extensive music details and livelier sound imaging. The improvement is most significant during general audio CD playback where the sample rate is 44.1kHz. Also, with an amazing 124dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) compared to industry onboard audio solutions with 85-88 SNR, the Xonar Essence ST reproduces truly pure sounds with 64 times clearer audio output.

Xonar Essence ST

The finest components make the Xonar Essence ST the choice audio card for discerning audiophiles. It achieves an amazing <10 Hz-90 kHz frequency response and 124dB dynamic range with Nichicon “Fine Gold” capacitors for rich bass and crystal-clear high frequencies, while a top-of-the-line Burr-Brown PCM 1792A Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) delivers exceptional audio conversion of analog sounds.

ASUS Hyper-grounding circuitry on the PCB separates signals from noise-ensuring only the cleanest waves reach ultra-sensitive decoding components. Additionally, EMI shield protects all analog components from external electronic magnetic interference. The Xonar Essence ST also comes with swappable OPamp sockets, allowing users to ‘tune’ the audio to suit their unique preferences, as well as Dolby Home Theater technologies and the latest DS3D GX2.5 3D gaming engine technology for immersive soundscapes while watching movies and gaming.

Users will also be able to enjoy the highest density sounds from headphones without extra amplifiers. Built-in headphone amplification delivers a fuller sonic range on any connected headphone with less than 0.001% of distortion and 600ohms of impedance. For more expansion possibilities, the Xonar Essence ST can scale with other industry-leading sound equipment. The high fidelity Xonar H6 multi-channel extension board can be added for full 7.1 surround sound-delivering an exceptional home theater experience.

ASUS BR-HD3: Revolutionary Wireless Kit For Exceptional Audio Video Compression and Streaming

With the introduction of the ASUS BR-HD3 Wireless High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) kit, digital home entertainment has become a reality. Utilizing embedded Analog Devices HDMI ICs and audio processors, the BR-HD3 delivers enhanced audio reproduction and optimized visual images for a stunning home entertainment experience. The BR-HD3 dramatically simplifies the connection between home audio and video electronic components by incorporating revolutionary innovations in video compression and distribution. It easily compresses high definition video in JPEG2000 format and distributes video streams with 802.11n technology. This significantly reduces installation time and equipment costs.


Technologically superior, the BR-HD3 also features non-line-of-sight wireless operation, thus audio visual devices can stream bandwidth-intensive data through walls and across multiple rooms. Transmission quality is comparable to wired solutions with HDMI interfaces. Users can hence easily stream their PC multimedia content to the living room TV, projector or home theater sets. To protect content from unauthorized access, High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) compliance is also supported on the BR-HD3 to prevent content viewing on unauthenticated devices.

ASUS Blu-ray Slim External Optical Disk Drive: Hassle-free High Definition Multimedia on the Move

For hassle-free mobile entertainment, the ASUS Blu-ray Slim External Optical Disk Drive is built compact and light for maximum portability. Users can enjoy viewing videos wherever and whenever they want. Highly mobile, it also incorporates numerous technological innovations including low power consumption, large storage capacity, and an enhanced low thermal design.

ASUS Blu-ray Slim External Optical Disk Drive

Its slim design belies a revolutionary technological innovation-True Theater High Definition (TTHD)-which delivers 480-1080p video quality for high definition images and smoother playback. Additionally, an innovative Disc Encryption feature offers easy, flexible, and secure data storage. Password protection also secures content from unauthorized access.

An exquisitely handcrafted design further enhances the user experience. The ASUS Blu-ray Slim External Optical Disk Drive emanates brilliant blue rays for spectacular light luminance. Additional power adapters are not required as the drive consumes minimal electricity, drawing enough power from its USB connection, which results in better mobility for users.

The ASUS Blu-ray Slim External Optical Disk Drive has received numerous accolades including the 17th Taiwan Excellence Award and 2009 Good Design Award. Models in the range include the SBC-04D1S-U and SBR-04B2T.

Source: Asus

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